Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Southern Charm in Charlotte

Sorry this took so long to post, but I had to recuperate from my waylaid flight home. Lightening in Charlotte delayed the flight, missed the connection in Phoenix and thought I would have to spend the night there, but Steve (the hubster) found a connecting flight through Vegas that got me into Salt Lake at 2:40 am! Couldn’t fall asleep until 5am! Now I’m all out of sorts sleep-wise.

Despite the horrendous flights into and out of Charlotte I had a great time with our Southern Paper Crafters at CKC. They are always so wonderful to hang with: friendly, warm, enthusiastic and funny.
of the highlights of being in Charlotte is getting a hug from my dear old friend, Kitty Cox.

I’ve known kitty from my very old days of Rubberstampauction.com, she followed me to my store, the Stamp Attic and was a loyal customer of mine for years. She is a sweetie and I love her!

I absolutely HAVE to share a funny story that some of you will (who take my classes at CKCs) surely get SICK of hearing, but oh my, It was so cool, I had goosebumps!

At the end of each class I always do a draw for prizes. I keep the ticket stubs in my apron pocket. I gave out 2 of the prizes and on the last one I ask “does anyone feel lucky” and this sweet young thing (I’m guessing 16…sorry If I’m wrong Sam!) says “I do…it’s my birthday today!”. I ask her name and start rubbing my hand over the pocket in a mock attempt at being physic.

Then, feeling guilty, anticipating the disappointment, start making a disclaimer because I know darn well the odds of me picking her name out of 50+ names is nil and then…drum roll…I pick her name!!!!!

I didn’t realize it at first, but my smart students did and I heard a collective gasp! I really AM PHYSIC!!! Well, at least I was for that little moment in time. We all had a good laugh and I treasured it for what it was…a really good story to tell at my next CKC!!

So, just when I thought southern charm was reserved for PaperCrafters, I noticed at the airport this DARLING row of white rocking chairs. It that adorable or what? I manhandled my bags, dug out my camera, because I knew I had to take a picture.

Until next time ladies, see beauty! Sue


Kitty said...

oh my gosh I look older every year, I always thought at some time I would begin to go backwards. heck I guess i am just going to get older every year. yea I have been with sue for too many years. when we talk we can talk about our family's, and know everyones names and where they are. You know what our friendship is one I treasure.

Margaret said...

Sue, that's a cute posting and the story is a keeper.

Keep up the good work on the blog; no one's bitten me yet.

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