Friday, December 12, 2008

That’s my door!

I was at my monthly card swap, exchanging our cards when this one, by Shauna Hunt, was passed to me.

I took a moment to look…my first thought was (sorry, this is the PC Pro in me) “where did she find that paper?” and “how did she do that?”. As I sat there puzzling, with the background buzz of 7 other gals talking about it, Shauna got my attention and said “don’t you recognize that door?”.
Oh my HEAVENS…that’s MY DOOR!

This was a shining moment for Shauna. As a photographer, Shauna, like all good photographers, looks at life through a lens. 2 years ago, she spotted my fabulous front door (It was actually kind of boring compared to years past) and took a few shots.

She created this great look by using my favorite photo editing software, Photoshop. After cropping the photo and removing the hanging lights and the reflection of the house across the street she took it through the watercolor filter (Brush detail 9, shadow intensity 1, texture 1 in case you want to re-create it) and printed it on watercolor paper she found at a local craft store.

Here are a few more hints from Shauna: “You have to play with the filter because it can really distort faces. There is a lot of black put into the picture when you use the watercolor filter so I keep the Shadow Intensity to very low numbers. It is fun to play with and each picture deserves individual attention to the filter details.”

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. I’d love to challenge you to photograph some of your holiday décor and play around with the watercolor filter. Maybe you’ll end up using it for next year’s Christmas cards!


The Smith Family said...

So sad I missed out on Cards! Of
course I always miss out when there is something exciting going on! Never again!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is awesome looking. Go Shauna! ---teri

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