Thursday, June 11, 2009

Studio 5 Sneak-Peek Contest

I'm all ready for Studio 5 this coming Monday (June 15th, 11am, channel 5) and as always like to tease you a little bit with these mini photos. If you can guess what I'll be doing (both papercrafting and cooking) you'll win a prize! Only one winner and since I probably made this TOO easy again, I'm looking for as exact a guess as possible.

Good luck and hope to see you (yes, I have xray tv vision and CAN see you watching me!) on Monday! Sue


Valiant Vincents said...

My guess is a Mango Salad and your paper craft is adding a little pizzaz with the scrapbook snaps. BTW, I totally LOVE watching Studio 5 when you are on! I live too far away to go to any of your classes, so when you are on Studio 5, I am glued. And I love your blog!

Rob'n'Mon said...

I'm thinking a salad with papaya. The picture on the bottom left reminds me of a tie, so is it a gift for Father's Day...or at least the gift box/card???

JoJo said...

Hi Sue,
I really enjoyed your class on Tuesday. It was my first one and you made it really fun. The note books were great. I am going to try to make some more with different paper. I will let you know how they turn out.

cards4ever said...

I would say a papya salsa or salad and father's day projects is what would appear on Studio 5.

Nat said...

Hi Sue, I am going to guess.... adding tropical fruits to freshen up a healthy summer salad, and a fathers day card, and treasure box from the kids to dad. Even Dad can have a little sparkle in his manly world. Have a great one! -Nat

kwgirl said...

The salad with the poppy-seed dressing looks totally yum...(share your recipe please) How about "Adding some tropical fruit to your summer salad from your garden."
A "Treasure chest for Dad" loaded with "treasures" from the family.
BTW Loved the classes and Studio 5:)

sadie said...

I am going to guess
1. preparing something with mango's
2. making a very cute hat box/or makeup box.
3. a pear from cricut shadow box.
4. a delicious salad
thanks sadie

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