Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy, Messy Pumpkin-carving Halloween!

It was with feet dragging that Steve and I carved pumpkins with the kids on Monday. How have we done this for the last 27 years? It's exhausting! And Messy! And in the end, worth every minute.
Jordan carved Booger, our cat, in absolute perfection! Savannah really wanted to create some anime character, which I painsakingly carved for her. I also did the 'nightmare before Christmas' character. Emma did the scary face pumpkin in the top right hand corner.

But it's Steve's pumpkin that really made me laugh. He came home late from work and truly did not feel like man-handling a pumpkin. I heard him rustling about in the garage and next thing I know he's walking into the kitchen with power tools! Yes! Power tools. BRILLIANT. WHY, oh WHY haven't we been using these all those years?

His one and only pumpkin carving was the 'alien' with 6 holes. Compliments of the drill. I caught on and quickly created my character (top left) look with the drill and the jigsaw.

Other than the power tools, my next huge pumpkin carving revelation is to cut the pumpkin at the bottom instead of the top!

Now if we can just figure out an easy, less messy way to de-gut them, I'd carve a dozen every year! Any ideas?


Queen Bee said...

Happy Halloween from a Halloween nut. I loved your pumpkins and would love to hear what you do for the rest of the evening. I am getting ready for all of my kids and grandkids for our annual spooky dinner, grandma treats and trick or treating in my neighborhood which is like visiting Santa because we don't get many trick or treaters. A night of spooktacular fun with a bunch of ghouls that I love. It doesn't get better than that right? Have a fun evening.

syrant said...

Great pumpkins! See ya at card class on Wed. Sandi Holt

Peggy said...

MAN! Those are gorgeous pumpkins! Perfect card front there! :o)

Anonymous said...

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mE said...

oooh girlie! We use the foam pumpkins that you can pick up at most craft stores. We have picked several up at Michael's right after Halloween on a huge sale. I love that we can use them year after year. We just pop a little "C7 bulb on a string" in them to light them. They are less messy (can't stand the smell of pumpkin guts) and re-usable.

We just print off designs from online or draw our own, tape them to the foam pumpkins, pierce the design with a paper piercing tool or a quilting needle and then cut them with a very sharp knife. (The Pampered Chef little white paring knives work the best.)

Hope this helps!

Inky Smiles!

Anonymous said...


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