Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Look what I found...

Remember this card? It was part of my August Card Class, Moovy Groovy. Something so satisfying about pulling that thread through all those holes and poof! Pinwheel!
Well, today I got to do one of my favorite things, perusing my cartridges on my Design Studio software. This is technically 'work', but it can easily turn into wasted hours if I'm not careful!
There are so many hidden gems in these cartridges, that I feel like I'll never become familiar with them all!
However, today I did find a shape I wanted to share with you. a pinwheel! In the new Mother's Day Limited Edition cartridge there is a great pinwheel shape, holes already punched, and ready to put together. I don't have time right now to do it, but thought I'd take a break from designing to share this find.
For those of you who didn't take my Moovy Groovy Class, the process is simple. Take a long piece of crochet thread (I like using it because it's thin, but strong) through two holes in a small button, leaving two equal lengths of thread hanging down.
Thread both hanging threads through the eye of a tapestry needle (larger eye, longer needle).
Take the end of the needle through one 'wing' hole, not going all the way through, just capturing it along the needle's length. Enter the hole from the bottom of the wing. Bend that wing towards the center of the pinwheel, still on the needle.
Bend the next wing towards the center and capture it with the needle. Now you have two wings on the needle.
Repeat until you have all four wings on the needle. All the wings and the end of the needle are pointed towards the center hole.
Carefully take the needle through the center hole and pull the thread until the entire pinwheel comes together. Tie it off, attach to a pixie stick or a card and you've got a whimsical paper craft to share with someone you love.


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