Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quirkiest-Halloween-stamp-ever contest

I was tempted to not say a thing here, because really, this stamp speaks for itself.

However, you might just be wondering HOW I came to own FIVE of these lovelies. Back when I owned a stamp store, PSX (now out of business) sent me these as a bonus with my order. Actually, I’m quite sure they were just trying to get rid of them. So, here it is, 5 years later and I still have them.

Help me out! Just leave a comment and tell me WHY you could possibly want this stamp, and your email addy and you may just WIN it! I’m going to give away 2 on this blog and 3 on the PaperCrafts blog.

Good Luck!


Kristie said...

Lately I've seen a lot of weird Halloween stuff on the net. As I live in Australia and we don't do the Halloween thing most of it seems kind of odd to me...but this stamp is just hilarious! I would love to have it just to make some weird cards to send to my US friends....LOL!
Thanks, Kristie

mfmcchesney said...

This is one of the stranger halloween stamps that I've seen. It would be fun to use on cards

Meg said...

Every year my husband and I have a big Halloween Party with a "Haunted Backyard" that we add something to. This would be a perfect stamp to make our invitations with. I love it! Looks just like us, without skin! LOL.

katie scott said...

love the stamp & love the sushi post!

Margaret said...

Sue, I've got to leave a comment on why I WOULDN'T want that thing!!! I couldn't even see using it for a gag gift!! Ugly!!! Smart of you to re-gift since PSX was so kind in the first place.

Marilyn Hitterman said...

Hi Sue
The stamp is weirdly hilarious! For the first time ever I plan on sending Halloween cards to family and close friends. I've had this "Creature From The Black Lagoon" stamp for MANY years that I purchased from a papercraft show I attended when we lived in Salt Lake City. I love it!! The movie (years ago in black & white)was the very only horror movie I've ever liked or loved - normally I hate those movies and never watch them. So, when I saw your " dancing skeletons", I thought I might put the "creature" on the front and the "dancers" inside with some funny phrase. I sure hope I win! Thanks for the giveaway!
Marilyn Hitterman

Alice said...

okay - please don't put my name in, but I just had to say "my goodness, what could they have possibly been thinking???" that is hysterical.

Kayley said...

If you don't mind I want to use this stamp in my Halloween invitation cards.

Debbie Ritchie said...

Oh my gosh...I think this stamp is absolutely adorable! I love unique and quirky things like this. My husband has never been a fan of Halloween, but with 2 little ones, now he is (by default). We are hosting our first Big Halloween party this year and this would be adorable to put on the tags for our goodies we will be giving to our guests. I would love one of these stamps.

Lynn Mercurio said...


I just adore Halloween and that may sound strange from someone who no longer has any little kids at home any longer (my kids have, but I've always gotten into the "spirit" of things with crafts and decorating the porch. I recently saw someone's posted card using this stamp and just fell in love it the dancing skeletons...I mean, how adorably funny. I would L O V E to win one of these stamps.

Thanks for the chance to win.

Sue Neal said...

Ladies! I just noticed a few new comments here to win this stamp. I'm so sorry, but they (all five of them) have already been won. Probably what happened is the link directly to the post got passed along, but about a week after I posted this give-away I announced the winners (you can see who by choosing Labels>give-aways.) However, please stop by again, as I will regularly do give-aways and I would love to have you participate. Thanks! Sue

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