Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Canadian Chocolate Bar Heaven...and give-away!

The older I get the stronger my cravings for chocolate are. I'm sure some doctor out there can explain that to me, but in the meantime, I satisfy my cravings with small bits of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is like stilton cheese. It's an acquired taste, but once you have it, there is no going back...UNLESS you are in Canada!
Yes, my last blog posting about my trip to Canada...I swear!

So, here I go...awaiting the BLASTS I know I'm going to get, "hey, what about M&Ms, scor bars, Symphony bars etc...?". So, to soften the blow, I'm actually going to GIVE-AWAY these yummies.

"Canadian chocolate bars are superior."

Despite not being dark chocolate, there are truly tasty tidbits of chocolate, peanuts, coffee, wafers, toffee, bubbles, caramel etc... My Fav: Mr. Big, a sweet, crispy, heavenly concoction. Crunchie was my childhood favorite, but hey, I have caps now, so it doesn't work quite as well. Caramilk is always a classic and YES! I do know how you get the caramel in the middle! Wunderbar is a newer one, but if you like peanuts, it's a chewy, peanuty fantasy.

Okay, I'm done now. I'm kind of hoping that by the time I get back from St. Paul the stash will all be gone. Yes kids...that means I'm giving you permission to eat them ALL! As much as I love these, they don't love my waist-line.

If you'd like to receive this entire collection of chocolate bars in the mail, please leave a comment and an email address. I'll close this give-away Wednesday, Oct. 29th.

Until my next CHOCOLATE post...because you know there WILL be one. Sue


shortandsweet said...

So, who wouldn't love free chocolate?!!! Pick me, pick me. Heather Godfrey is always talking about the Canadian stuff, and I have only tried a couple of things.

ps. I will be at your class at Roberts in American Fork.

Ms. Maxwell said...

Mr. O just got back from Vancouver, and all I got was a dumb sweatshirt. Sign me up for chocolate!

L Hertzberg said...

I love Canadian chocolates and cookies. So count me in for this give away. I had a great time at the Recipe Swap class tonight at CKC St. Paul.

Louisa said...

Wow I would love to try them, we don't have many of these in Australia.. wonder how they would handle the trup though LOL :))

Danielle said...

I am a major chocoholic and am always looking for a new tasty tidbit to try. My sweet tooth and I would be very grateful if you choose us. Pretty please with chocolate sauce on top - lol!!

-Danielle B.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm...more chocolate just in time for Halloween! Yea!! :)

Sue said...

Ohhhh yummy my favorite..... CHOCOLATE!!!!!

Jean said...

I'm married to a Brit, so thats what I have been introduced to on the international chocolate scene. I would love to expand my chocolate palate with some Canadian wonders! Yummy!

kswjeff said...

Who can say no to Chocolate from any country!!!

Anonymous said...

The Cadbury bars remind me of the varieties we had when I spent part of my senior year in London. A great selection, chosen by a true chocoholic!

Are there any chocolate dies out there for Sizzix or QuicKutz?!

Anonymous said...

I've never had Canadian Chocolate myself and my hubby and son love Chocolate too. I love to share wonderful things like this with my family. How fun and yummy!!!

kwgirl said...

The BEST thing about CDN chocolate, it's starts melting right away in your fingers...sigh. But since I have my own stash, DON'T PICK ME!
The Best is Dark Chocolate Aero and Dark Oh Henry...YUM! Way to go for sharing your chocolate:)

valerie said...

Growing up in Buffalo, Ny we were a stones throw from the Canadian border and a Sunday drive to buy cheap gas, chinese food, and chocolates. Since we have moved away, my husband is always on the lookout for an Aero bar. I would love to share an Aero bar with him again. Hapy Blogging.

jill said...

Chocolate from anywhere is good for me!! have fun,

Anonymous said...

Okay so I didn't just come to your blog for the give away, but yeah it's chocolate so count me in!!

It was a pleasure talking with you at the CKC store in St.Paul. You know now that I've found your blog I'll be checking up on you to see if you really make those school albums for your kids - ha, ha, maybe it will keep me accountable too :)

God Bless,

allie said...

OH.. I totally understand. We moved from Canada over 20 years ago.. and everytime someone goes North.. I put in my request!

There is NOTHING in the US to compare to Coffee Crisp or Mackintosh Caramel!

Glad to see someone else love it as much I we do!


Anonymous said...

It's funny....I just found your blog...and it was almost as if I sniffed that free chocolate give away. I hope your stay in MN was fun. But I hope I win the chocolate more! ;)
ps found your blog link on The Lucky Clucker

Julie Foss said...

Hope you made it home safely from St. Paul! I (and everyone else) had a great time. Your classes were great! Just had to check out your blog - and this Canadian chocolate you were raving about!

Julie Foss (one of your St. Paul TA's).

Lisa Peppers said...

How funny that you are sending chocolate to someone the week of halloween! I love the Cadburys. Luckily I have a british friend who gets hers from her mum and shares. lol Enjoy your trip. Love your blog. lots of yummy eyecandy here!

Ben and Stacy said...

Sue I LOVE LOVE LOVE Canadian Chocolate! There is no comparison to the "chocolate" we have here... I am jealous of your trip. (my mom showed me your blog! I love it!)

Meg said...

I would love free chocolate, especially since you close this on my 26th anniversary! Also, I have had such a bad last two weeks I cannot tell you. It would be great to eat these "happy pills"!


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