Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eat, Drink & Be Scary

What is it about HALLOWEEN that is so irresistible?
· It brings out the kid in me.
· Colors! Combos you just don’t see any other time of the year.
· Don’t we all like to be scared silly sometimes?
· Candy, candy, candy
· Walking on crisp, dark evenings with crunchy leaves underfoot.

I have had the BEST Halloween parties over the years (although, I will admit it’s been awhile). One of my most memorable was a scavenger hunt. As I was making out the list of items for teams to gather, assigning a point value to each, I decided, for fun, to add a few funny , but obviously impossible items to the list with outrageous point values. Among other things, I added A DEAD BLACK CAT.

So, you can imagine how horrified I was when later in the evening, as the teams started to file in the house, one of our guests (he will remain NAMELESS) was holding a bag up and everyone was shouting “WE FOUND A CAT!”. The first thing I said (being the cat lover that I am) was “LET IT GO!” And they replied “IT’S DEAD!” Oh, My, Heavens. Yes. They literally found a dead black cat on the side of the road (poor thing!) and were audacious enough to pick it up (ewwwww!) and put it in a bag.

Needless to say, they won.

Here’s an invitation I made last year in the hopes I would actually have one. Yup, you guessed it. Never happened and with my October schedule, I’m afraid it won’t this year. Although, maybe I’ll be super impulsive and just do it!

I used this awesome flourish skull stamp by INKADINKADO (which actually happens to be on sale right now!), embossed it and fussy cut it. I sponged yellow ink behind it so it looks like it’s glowing. The rest is printed on my computer and assembled. Super easy really, except for some fussy-cutting.

Would love to hear about your favorite Halloween party experience OR what you have planned for this year. Maybe you’ll inspire me!

Happy Halloweeny, Sue


kwgirl said...

Yup, hard to believe it happened but it's all true! I don't remember winning though...LOL. All I remember is the fun and the food (and the dead cat~I couldn't believe it and it happened to us!) Very cute card.
When's the next party?

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