Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh Canada!

It's Fall Break here in Utah, so we decided to head North (what were we thinking??) to visit my Mom who lives in Cardston, Alberta.

It's a quick visit, but it will include family, friends, my Mom's cooking, Tim Horton donuts, Swiss Chalet and copious amounts of Canadian chocolate bars and Canadian Oreos (more on that at a later date!).

Thought I would share my Canadian connection. My parents immigrated to Canada from Europe in the 1950's. I was born in Montreal, Quebec. I married an American (Idaho boy), but we lived in Waterloo, Ontario for 13 years before we moved back to the Rocky Mountains.
Still makes me happy to cross the border, see Canadian verbage on signs, listen to the CBC, measure things in celcius and kilometers, enjoy the rolling hills and fields of grain. I didn't grow up in this part of Canada, but if you can see a Tim Hortons (best...and I mean BEST donut shop in the WORLD!) then you feel at home, whether it's British Columbia or Newfoundland.

Until I get home...have a great weekend everyone! Sue

Just a couple of pictures of nearby Waterton National Park and Chief Mountain. Simply breathtaking!


kwgirl said...

I'm drooling...Tim Horton's, Swiss Chalet, you're killing me! Make sure you take some pictures of the gorgeous fall leaves and post it. I think I miss that the most!

Julie Melvin said...

"My home and native land!" If any aero's make it into your know where to drop them off! Have a good time. You know we have a cabin in Waterton...Mmmm, miss it....all of it...

Alice said...

These photos are stunning Sue! and hey, thanks for your tip about Costco scanning the negatives...I decided to take the plunge the other week and grabbed my shopping bag of negatives (didn't take the time to sort them or count them first! kind of impulsive). But I love the way they turned out...the $$$ was a bit hard to swallow ($400!) but I can't wait to have easy access to all my old pics. I had called a local photo store and they wanted $12 to "set up" each disc and then $2.95 PER PICTURE after that - so Costco saved me a bundle :) least that is the story I'm trying to convince my husband of LOL

Bonnie (eggette) said...

Ooooo have a blueberry fritter with a large double double for me.....yummo!!

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