Thursday, November 13, 2008


I'm a morning person, despite what my husband says. I love to jump out of bed and get my day started. Unfortunately, the older I get the more my body does not agree with this plan.

Even though the allergy season is almost over, I'm now combating the extreme dryness that has me waking up several times a night gasping for air (yes, I'm getting a humidifier!), drinking water and the resulting effects of that. My asthma... and neuropathy that makes my hands and arms numb all night and has them flopping around uselessly in the morning. Basically, I feel like 'doodoo' in the morning.

Things must get done however, so I drag myself around, trying to shake off my morning 'yuckiness'. I open the front door to drive my daughter to school and literally stopped in my tracks.

This scene greets me every morning I open my door, but today it was like God was saying "LOOK!". Look at what I made for you. Isn't it beautiful?

I ran for my camera. Unfortunately this picture really can't do the real thing justice (is that my photography skills perhaps? lol).

As my daughter drove to school (learner's permit) I continued to watch the play of the rising sun on the mountain tops and the brightening of the sky. I stopped to take this picture on the way home.

Back home, I turn around for one last look at the western sky, because when God says "Look!", you tend to keep looking... and see a perfect whole moon peeking through wisps of pink-tinged clouds.

It's these remarkable reminders that help me to put my complaints into perspective. With a smile on my face I'm going to "get over it" and "get on with it".

Hope you all have an AWESOME day! Sue


Bonnie (eggette) said...

You have the most gorgeous and beautiful view! I would probably be saying "Thank you God for giving me this wonderment(wonderful moment) so that I don't think about my daughter's driving" - actually I survived all three children's beginner's - that surprised me!

all4memories said...

The scenes are breathtaking. The scenes are a wonderful way to get your day started.

Ann Mitchell said...


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