Monday, December 1, 2008

2 reasons

I haven't blogged in SO long...

1. I love to cook, but I am still working on my organizational skills in the kitchen. I realize that no one wants to come and eat at a house with a stressed out hostess, so I spread the work out all week, preparing things in advance. In theory this makes sense, but in actuality, I felt very pooped out by Friday. Go figure!

19 people this year, 31 last...that makes for 50 people over 2 years. I don't know why, but I like the math. :)

By the way, WHY can't my husband take a NORMAL picture?

2. This ugly thing is the reason I haven't had access to my computer. I didn't get it until Friday.

It's odd, truly odd, how strange it felt to not have access to my computer. I had some separation anxiety, but it was also quite liberating. I found myself fantasizing about how much work I would get done if I didn't have a computer.

But then I did some more math. I spent 5 hours on the computer Friday night (yes, until 4am!!) doing some Christmas shopping. Not only would shopping the old-fashioned way taken me 10 times longer, I would most likely not even find some of the odd items on my family's wish lists.

Conclusion: I'm baaaaack!

P.S. I've got to run and help out a friend, but will post winners for blingies later today.


Anonymous said...

back! :)

Anonymous said...

geez....suppose to read welcome back!

Bonnie (eggette) said...

I know when we went on vacation, I really didn't think I would last without access to a computer. Obviously, I lasted and enjoyed every second of it!! But I loved coming home to my good old computer--and really didn't skip a beat!!

kwgirl said...

I'm the friend she had to leave to help out...a HUGE thank you:)

The dinner looked totally yummy...loved the expression on Steve's face, reminds me of the face you get from a 3 year when they are told to eat something they don't like! (since I know you're an amazing cook that was obviously not the reason)
Glad you're back online!

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