Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Full circle

It started with a broken tooth 2 weeks ago. Then I got a cold. Then I got the flu. That triggered some bad asthma and full circle...back to the dentist, watching for a root canal! lovely.

On the up side, we've had snowstorm after snowstorm here and it's a winter wonderful, complete with sore backs from shoveling (thank goodness for the men in my life!), my daughter's adorable snowman and horses prancing in the back field.

Some of the other things I managed to get done inbetween coughing are...

Cookies. I love making fancy sugar cookies. The trick here (if you didn't already know it) is to use a thicker icing and outline the shape. Let that dry and then use a thinner icing to fill it in. It dries super smooth and pretty. I placed these in celephane bags and gave them as gifts...and we ate some too!

Okay, this is just a wee bit embarrassing. But I started making 5 of these key holders (see Room to Room PaperCrafts special issue...love this project!) last Christmas! I just never got them done. So I promised myself I would this year...and I did. Miraculously. Steve was a big help. He always is.

Well, I'm off to deliver a few neighbor gifts and one last run to the grocery store. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful Christmas...and stay warm!


kwgirl said...

Root Canal...cold and allergies!
Then you made your neighbor gifts
and fancy cookies...so what happens when you are REALLY sick?
The cookies are gorgeous. Do they taste as good as they look? If so please share the recipes...including the icing. Mahalo

all4memories said...

So glad you're better!!

Bonnie (eggette) said...

Good grief......what a time you have had! Stay warm and Happy Holidays!

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