Tuesday, January 6, 2009

10 things...

I did during the holidays...
1. sleep
2. eat
3. puzzles (4 altogether)
4. played games (new favorite - Blokus)
5. DVDs and Movies in theatre
6. read
7. played in snow
8. cuddled
9. hung out with friends & family
10. relaxed

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, we spent a few days up in Midway with the Neals for New Years. Had a blast tubing (yes, it's hard work to be pulled up the hill). Had a perfect sleigh ride, complete with our guide "Sparky" who did cowboy poetry and sang to us and a yummy follow-up dinner at the Homestead. Played games, barely made a dent in the HUGE amount of food we all brought and generally just chatted, laughed and relaxed.

I hope your holidays were as wonderful as mine.

Now. Let's. Get. Back. To. Work. Papercrafting here I come!


kwgirl said...

Love the pictures...especially the one of you sleeping, nice of whoever took it to take it.
Yes, I agree...BACK.TO.WORK!

all4memories said...

Sounds nice! Please send some snow our way. :o)

Bonnie (eggette) said...

Wonderful and thanks for sharing with us! If that was a picture of me sleeping there might be a bit of drool....oh ya......

Leia said...

I'm SO sad I missed it!

Alice said...

holidays are the best, aren't they? I would love to have a game of Blokus with you - addicted here too :) but none of the kids want to play it with me anymore...guess they got tired of losing - ha!

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