Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy BELATED Birthday!

Technically Paper Crafts Magazine had her 5th birthday in January, so I'm just a wee bit late. Then again I couldn't find the premier issue in my stash. The earliest I could find was March 2004, so that works.

I still remember when Crafts magazine and Valerie Pingree (Founding Editor-in-chief) made the bold and inspiring decision to concentrate fully on paper crafts. It was an exciting time for all or us and we were thrilled to be part of a creative and fun new hobby.

Not too long ago I did some math. (Yeah, I try not to.) I figured that over the last 5 years, between my work with Paper Crafts Magazine, all it's special issues, on-line content, blogs, swaps, videos, tv segments, conventions, classes etc... I have created close to 1000 paper crafted projects.

Yikes! You would think I might be bored with something I've done so much of, but absolutely NOT. I am still SO energized when it comes to paper.

To help celebrate I'm doing a give-away...this time for 3 birthday cards I did for our PaperCrafting 3 ways special issue last year. Just leave a comment and BE SURE to check back next week. I still haven't heard from Alice, my last give-away winner, so Alice, if you're reading this, please email me with your home address so I can send you your goodies!

Here's to 5 great years for Paper Crafts and my passion for paper. Happy Birthday!


Marisol said...

Happy Belated! Great cards! ;)

LeAnn said...

I can't believe all your hard work - and to think, I've read and seen them all! Congrats

cards4ever said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PC, I hope you have many more adhead. Keepit up with the cards.

Jennifer Davis said...

I love whenever Paper Crafts does the three levels of cards/projects. Often I find that my cards lack a finishing touch and looking at the examples always helps me identify what the missing elements are.

Thanks for sharing, and Happy Birthday to PaperCrafts, the best!

Alice said...

oh Sue - I TOTALLY remember that issue - and I still have the Feb 2004 issue in my stash as well...and I miss Valerie...I still remember the thrill of getting that first email from her asking for one of my projects! and I know I'm not the right "Alice", but hopefully the other Alice will turn up...I'd love to meet her...I've only ever met one other Alice under the age of 85 :)

Christie said...

Here's my comment. :)

kwgirl said...

It can't really be 5 years!
Cool card:) Does this count as a comment?

SAI Cool said...

Have beautiful late Belated birthday wishes for you

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