Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Studio 5 'Spread the Love' Video

Oh wow, I knew the odds were good I'd forgot something after only 3 1/2 hours sleep last night, but I did NOT think it would one my favorite quotes, "Never supress a generous thought." by Camilla Kimball. Seriously, it's only FIVE words!


kwgirl said...

LOVED!!! the segment. Congratulations on being a Studio 5 contributor...do they know how lucky they are?

shortandsweet said...

Oh, congrats on your new "once a month" contributor gig!!! How cool is that!!!!

Sue Neal said...

Pretty darn cool!

Alice said...

great segment Sue! and I LOVE that quote on the box of chocolates...so much fun...and true :)

Anonymous said...

LOVED the video!! You are so cute and fun to watch!

The Smith Family said...

Yippee!! You're a natural! Please post all your segments on your blog cause I'm pretty sure I can't get them where I'm going for three years.

Julie said...

Sue! Congrats! Like you weren't busy enough :) You are terrific. Can't wait to see these every month. You have such fantastic "fun" and "special" ideas. Thanks!

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