Thursday, April 23, 2009

Houston CKC

Gorgeous skyscape, isn't it? I always post these beautiful pictures of the cities I teach at, but what's really funny and kind of sad, is I never see any of it!! I see the inside of a cab, my hotel room and the convention center.

Don't get me wrong, I love CKC! But one day I'll go back to really get a feel for these great destinations.

There have been a few exceptions where I get to do some fun 'extra' things, like Tulsa last year (thanks Sheryl!) and Kansas City (Thanks Eva!) and of course I occasionally get to meet with old friends (love ya Kitty!) and meet new ones as well (too long a list to mention!).

I do have a fun plan for when I teach in St. Marcos, TX, but I'll tell you about that when it comes in September. Sorry, that's mean!

So, here's my GOODBYE until Monday and my HELLO to Houston...we're going to have some serious CARD fun!!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the class and glad I made it to this one where I was feeling so bad I missed the others but made sure I came to the card swap ! thanks !! Carol Meadows (TX)

Ashley said...

Hi, I attended your card class on Friday and loved it. I have to say your class ended up being my most favorite of the day, not too rushed and we completed everything while we were there. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Houston!

Sue Lelli said...

I really enjoyed your class and meeting you. Please consider what I said about creating a class teaching how to set up a blogspot. You could also incorporate how to get your work published and tips on what magazines are looking for. I'll bet a lot of people would be interested in that! Thanks again!

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