Thursday, April 16, 2009

snowy spring photo op

I know I should be peeved that it snowed in April, but this morning, with the sun slicing through the branches, making every color brilliant and every snow crystal sparkle, I felt blessed. I ran to find my uggs and my camera and spent a good hour taking pictures, getting wet, cold and enjoying this late winter gift.

I measured...8 inches of fluffy, heavy, perfect for snowmen snow. Amazing.

My Pear tree is half-way through blooming. The snow was so heavy it kept falling on me while I was taking pictures. I should have taken a picture of me, I was quite a sight!

My precious Rhododendrons were almost completely covered. I took a few pictures and then rescued them from all that snow. They are pretty sensitive plants and really don't belong in Utah, but if you baby them enough you'll get some show.

Just planted Renunculas and Yellow Pansies in my garden on Monday. Luckily these are super hardy flowers that seem to flourish with a cooler spring.

I replaced a dying tree in our front yard last year with a plum tree and was a little worried it may not survive the winter. It made me very happy to see it's beautiful pink blossoms pop out! It lives!

I've been working on my wee vegetable garden for 6 weeks now and just the other day planted the rest of my seeds and transplanted a few hardy herbs, hope they make it!

My Hyacinths and my Forsythia bush are on the downside of blooming, but what color they have left really pops with all that white snow around them. They almost look good enough to eat! Little flower ice pops!

The first tree I planted when we moved into this home 13 years ago was a Crimson Cloud Hawthorn. Somewhat obscure, but my Mother recommended it. She grew up with many of these trees in North Germany. I'm so glad I followed her advice. It's a tree that just keeps giving. Beautiful bark and bones for the winter, delicate and pretty white and pink blossoms in the spring, nice shade in the summer and crimson berries in the fall. It looks pretty good dressed in snow too!

Well, there you have it, a little tour of my garden. I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of what I saw this morning.

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