Thursday, July 2, 2009

Scrapbooking on-the-go!

Oh, I can hardly stand letting over a week go by without's why.

Have you ever procrastinated something for so long it's almost unbearable to think about it?

Last year I offered to scrapbook a friends trip to Europe. I know, what was I thinking? Because at the time I really thought I could do it. And then, you know, life happens, things change and almost everything extra seems impossible.

I've had her precious photos since December!

Part of the problem is I'm NOT a good scrapbooker. I get so easily overwhelmed by it all. Cards are so much easier :). But a promise is a promise.

I took a trip with my husband through Montana last week. I knew he'd be busy working during the day, so I decided this was it! My opportunity to become GUILT-FREE! I gathered supplies I thought would go well with the pictures and theme in a large container, packed it all up and off we went.

It was interesting to a.) scrapbook in a hotel room and b.) not create in my comfort zone: my office with it's endless creative supplies.

I laid it all out on the bed and desk and just dug in. You know, scrapbooking isn't really that much of a stretch for a card-maker, it's just a much, much, much bigger project.

So, supplies nearby, trimmer in hand, I began. With each page my smile grew because I knew I was actually doing it. I'm happy to report I am almost done! Just a few more pages to go! The stack of pictures getting smaller and smaller. The day (hopefully soon) I can hand it all over to my friend will be a happy one for me and probably for her too.

Because we were so close to the Canadian border, we spent the weekend at my Mom's. I got to visit with her, my sister and my cute nephews and nieces.

Best of all, I got to spend a whole week with my husband traversing the great state of Montana. We took many bi-ways, scenic routes and saw uncomparable beauty. Here's a little sampling...

Chief Mountain and Mary's river in Cardston, Alberta.

Just outside of Great Falls, MT.

Unique Bear Grass in Glacier National Park.

I made my husband turn the car around for these beauties! A huge patch of stunning poppies just waiting for my camera! I making a card from one of these pictures for certain!

This little sweetie was so cute. He wasn't afraid of us at all, in fact, was quite curious and starting moving towards us.

A view of Goose Island in Glacier National Park. Stunning.

This Big Horned Sheep was just taking a stroll down the road.

So, what are the chances all these pictures will scrapbooked anytime soon? :)


Sara-Jane said...

Now you will have to take another trip to scrap these lovely photos! Keep this up and you will have to scrap you way around the United States!

Mama Erin said...

What were you thinking coming through Great Falls and not stopping by Malmstrom AFB to scrapbook with me?? I hope you had a great trip through Big Sky Country!! xoxo

kwgirl said...

AMAZING picture of Old Chief. Also absolutely LOVE love LoVE the picture of the poppies! Where where they growing? Absolutely gorgeous!!
I totally understand the guilt thing and it's wonderful when you can check off the enormous task from the "To Do" list to the DONE list. Congratulations:)

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