Monday, July 13, 2009

Studio 5 Sneak Peek for July

Oh wow, totally spaced getting this up yesterday, so there will only be a few hours to guess this - SORRY! Got wonderful company right now and it's distracting me.

I'm on Studio 5 this morning at 11am on Channel 5. So, here we go...

This could be a toughy! Please guess what my topics are for both the papercrafting segment and the cooking segment in the comments section. Good luck and I'll announce a winner later today.


shortandsweet said...

Oh, this is not as easy. Well, you and Brooke are going to "score" when you make a cool card and some really yummy food. I guess I am not being very specific, but the toasted bun and melted cheese look really good.

bck said...

This really isn't easy.. I'd have to say Using leftovers! Both food and supplies. Am I right?? LOL

cards4ever said...

I would guess you are making a salmon burger with leftovers and a card out of old products.

Lori Holt said...

It looks like a backyard BBQ to me with invitations to go along?

Peggy said...

The foow looks like a meatloaf sandwich on a toasted bun with melted swiss cheese. I think the top of the papercraft is an invitation for the "girls" to celebrate your greatness!

kwgirl said...

Lunch with your card making friends.
gather up your girlfriends and trade your homemade cards during lunch.
Lunch has me stumped. A type of burger-like previously said, salmon, meatloaf, whatever kind of meat, topped with tomatoes, onions and cheese on a grilled roll or bun.
Looks like TONS of fun:)

Wendy Sue said...

I think you're cooking up a meatball sandwich (healthy style)...and celebrating your friends! :o)

Debbi said...

I guess I cheated. I went to your blog after the show and stumbled on the challenge. Your card ideas were for your card club. They were simple ideas and how to make them in quantity. The sandwich was a meat slider I think. I didn't pay much attention after my excitment over the cute card ideas.

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