Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Slug Bug Love & Give-away

{a sweet card I whipped up with the Giggle Slug Bug Collection...}

I actually found a moment to visit the vendor fair at Tulsa's CKC last weekend. And as usual, I headed straight for the Paper Loft booth.

There is just something so familiar, appealling and sweet about Sandi's collections.
{...and yes, I hand-cut the flower from paper, curled it and glitter glued the tips. "Sweet" is die-cut from Cricut's Graphically Speaking cartridge.}

Their newest collections include Slug Bug...the adorable polka-dotty, retro, Volkswagen bug paper. As
Cath Edvalson (Creative editor of Paper Crafts Magazine) used to say (and maybe she still does), I had an "emotional reaction" to these designs.
Isn't it odd that the iconic American car is German? I grew up slugging my brothers (or was it the other way around?) every time we saw one...and boy did we see ALOT of them!
{isn't this color amazing?}

For all of us in our 40's, how can we see a vw-bug and not think of this Disney movie...HERBIE!!!
Are you with me yet? Are you digging it? Do you just HAVE to have this collection?
Well, I have two good pieces of news for you. One, they are on sale right now at their website...and two, we are throwing some blog candy! (you know, like in a parade?)

In an effort to increase my readers/followers, we're (thanks Paper Loft!) going to give away one of these collections to 3 sign up today! You'll see the link on the left-hand side of the blog...sign-up or sign-in and follow. It's that simple.

I'm also sending 3 people (who comment on this post) my 'sweet' this beginning to sound like bribery? Hmmmm, yup! I love reading your comments!

I'll pick winners on Sunday, as I'll be sans internet for a few days.
{is this not the cutest thing ever? and really, I try hard not to over-use that word!}
And while I was googling around I found a cool article on different things people have built with vw-bugs...If you've got a few minutes and are curious, check it out here.

P.S. You'll notice a new look for the blog...please bear with me as I figure it all out. Hope you like it!


kwgirl said...

LOVE the paper...and the idea! You always come up with the cutest idea's and most hilarious titles.
So hopefully this qualifies me:)

shortandsweet said...

My kids were playing that as well, so after many tears from siblings I told them that we should just change the slugging to flipping the ceiling in the car so no one would get hurt any more. It has worked so far. I love this little yellow van picture. Last year there was a white limo bug for sale across the street from my kids' school...I really wanted to buy it!

Elaine said...

That card is too cute! I have just the person that I want to send it to if I should win your blog candy! :)Thanks for sharing the info on the paper - love them! I am following now too! :)

americanfamily said...

I think this might be one of my first comments on your blog. You know I'm your biggest fan though, and always have the slug bug card. It's one of my absolute favorites from card lunch today. Love ya. Sharon

Kathy said...

Super, super cute paper!!!! and I totally want a bug but with 3 kids, it's not the most practical car for me these days.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Jean said...

Darling paper--my first car was a yellow VW bug. Does this paper ever bring back memories.

Thanks for showing the cute card and for being so generous with your give-aways.

Shauna said...

Love the card. Love the paper. Hope I win. It will help me be better prepared for cards next month!!!

family gal said...

Love the colors you chose for this card, two of my favorites! Seeing cards like this does take me back when this bug was new and a nice change from the "regular" vehicles of the day.

CreatedbyKay said...

Cute card and paper! You can't go wrong with pink and brown, it's always been a favorite color combo.

I had a friend in HS that drove an old VW Bug - it used a screwdriver to start instead of keys!

Christie said...

The paper is fabulous and I love, love, love the card!

brooks wynn said...

Wow! I took a look at all the VWs on that link! Very fun. We play "slug bug, what color?" in the car everyday. Yesterday we saw the most awesome old, rusted out, "Vintage German" VW Bug. The guy had purposely had a custom paint job done on it to look rusted out, but a nice new-paint job finish on it. It had the words, "Vintage German" worked into the custom paint jog on the back hood. It was very cool! The guy driving it looked very German & very proud of his car. Wish I had a picture to share of it. Thanks for sharing.

SugahBabe said...

Waaa, poor me! I couldn't find the 'sign in' palce on my computer. I think something is happening to it again. Anyway, I Love the Paper. I was about 10 years old when I saw one of the first VW bugs in Ogden. They were a lot smaller then. We couldn't figure why anyone would want such a little car. Wish I had one of the originals now! My grandaughter is turning 16 next Tuesday. This would be such fun for her. My children used to play "Beetle Bop". Darling paper. LOVE YOUR STUFF and just all the fun that is all around you. SugahBabe

J.Olsen said...

I like the new look for your blog!
Thanks for the idea - I love the paper! I wonder if my little-ity-bitty store carries it...

LA & D said...

When I was a teen I had as a goal to have a yellow bug convertable when I was a grandma. When I'd drive up to my grandkids house and they'd yell, 'Here comes grandma'. Then I'd take them for a ride in my yellow VW bug. Funny what we remember....50 years later.
Back then we didn't do the 'slug' each other thing and I remember that I couldn't figure out what my grandkids were doing the day I first saw them slugging each other. What fun VW has brought into our lives.
So your card brought back lots of fun memories. As always - a really creative fun piece of work. Thanks for sharing.

syrant said...

We just talked to a guy down the street that had an "slug bug" and talked about "old" times like how many people we could fit in one, etc. Love the paper and the card.

joelrandlisa said...

Well here I go again! attempting yet another blog posting. You are amazingly talented. Looking forward to your September class

cards4ever said...

I think that paper would so cute for valentine cards.

SarahGwilliam said...

My big brother had a yellow 1971 beetle and I LOVED riding in it as a kid. I also watched all of the Herbie movies and just had to introduce them to my kids a few years back. Ah, the memories! Thanks for showing us this cute stuff!

Susan Neal said...

I love the valentine idea...perfect!

Amber said...

I'm a follower! First saw you on Studio 5, love your blog. :)

Heather said...

Your slug bug card is so cute!! My Dad used to have a bug when I was first born and it was so darling-- until it was rear-ended!

I also became a follower today even though I've been following your blog for months using google reader :)

Karen said...

I'm not in my 40's but I too remember The Love Bug and Herbie goes Bananas AND of course the slug bug game that our parents had us turn into "the love bug" game with hugs instead of slugs. As always, darling card :)

sadie allen said...

So how sweet is the short van, I love it. Wouldnt it be cool to drive today.... the paper is cute too.

Dirk 'n Juli said...

Cute paper and idea! You are so creative! I really enjoy the colors and design--my total fav! Thanks for sharing and hopefully this qualifies me!:)

Nedra said...

Love the new format, Sue!

Sarah said...

Love, Love your blog... I check it all the time and I love all your Q classes... Thanks for everything you have taught me.

Formerly known as: Queen of Bling said...

Wow thanks for the trip memory lane, my family's 1st "new" car as a child was a red bug, my brother took a gallon of white paint to it when he was like 3 yrs old!!! LOL I have link your blog to mine to spread the word! Hope you had a great weekend! Laurie's site

all4memories said...

I absolutely LOVE that collection. The colors are great!! What an inspiration you are to all of us. Thank you for sharing your creativity!!!!!!!! :o)

PattiM said...

OMG!! love that yellow bug van... Too cute... I remember the slug bug game and the love bug movie.... Ah, memories...My son just sold his bug this month. Had it since he was 21 or so. He fixed it up, painted it that dark metallic grey and had blue flames with skulls painted on it... Was such a cool looking bug... But, turning 30 in June and having his first son this December-he needed the money to replace the engine in his lil hatchback honda. I'm sure it will be painted in a similar way as his bug..... Thanks for the memories..


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Bebe said...

I thought I bought everything cute that was at the vendor faire, but I must have missed this!

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