Monday, October 12, 2009

1 crop, 10 classes, 2 days and 3 give-aways!

Teaching at Creating Keepsakes conventions is an experience that is hard to describe. People always ask me "how was it". I always answer "fun!".

{click on photo to enlarge}

This, unfortunately, doesn't negate my barking feet and utter exhaustion, but truly, it is not what I remember when I get home from a show.

I remember people. I'm bad with names, (but writing it down really helps! see pic.) but what I never forget is the warm, kind and happy faces of the people I get to teach. That transcends all else.

Sometimes, I get a few extras that take the trip over the top for me and one of those things in Kansas City was getting to have dinner with a friend I made 2 years ago, Eva. It was great to catch up with her and share a little Panda (thanks saved me. It would have been an energy bar if you hadn't offered!).

I love spontaneous expressions of generousity and want to thank Robbi for giving me a bottle of Zip n' dry. If you aren't a papercrafter, you so will NOT get how special that is! LOL I've been meaning to try this stuff for a year now!

Sometimes I'm just inspired by a student(s) and just have to mention Evelyn. I hope and wish and plan on being as creative as you are when my hair is white! You go girl!

Thanks for all my teacher assistants, and especially Arielle who was with me through most of my classes and was such a big, cheerful help!

So, as promised ladies, I'm giving away some scrapbooking/cardmaking goodies to 3 lucky students, so please share with me your favorite part of the show (moment, class, project etc...) and I'll pick a winner this weekend. I'll ship off next week because I'm heading to Arizona for the fall break here soon. Good luck!


Arielle said...

I learned a lot from you Sue. You taught me how to be a great teacher. I saw you motivate those students and not one of them was unhappy with your class. You know I was TA in other classes and I saw some students who just were not interested in putting the project together and just sat there bored thru the whole class. Didn't see one student like that in any of your classes. And even though you taught some of the same things more than once, it was a little different every time so you didn't bore yourself and it was exciting every time. The energy level was high and everyone was having fun.
I have to say I enjoyed meeting Evelyn too.
I hope to see you again and we must stay in touch! HUGS!

Susan Neal said...

Well, Arielle...that is just about the nicest thing anyone has said to me. 2nd great thing today.

Tensy said...

I enjoyed learning all the different ways to do tri-fold cards and to embellish with contrasting paper.

Julie said...

My favorite part of this convention was the classes, I loved every class I took... the Card Swap was wonderful, the 5 Step cards,and Kick Start Christmas... were awesome as well as Boxer Palooza and 7 minute Cards (also from Boxer).

You are very inspiring and have great energy, and so nice. I love seeing you at each conviention.. (and all my other Scrapbook buddies!)

Now, I'm just waiting to see the Schedule for Next year to plan my 3 conventions... St. Louis, Tulsa, and Kansas City. :D

kwgirl said...

Looks and sounds like you had a FUN time:) I noticed from the pics that your found your FAVE font again... please share the name of it as I'm loving it! Also, what is Zip'n'Dri?

Punkinsyf said...

Sue Neal is our teacher fave
Such good classes & advice she gave!
We always leave her class with a smile on our face
Her classes our full so there is not much space!
If you want to learn something new
Then you must visit teacher Sue!
She's one great teacher that knows her stuff
She's a down to earth gal, and if that's not enough
She's pretty and funny and can be counted a friend
It's so sad that CKC Kansas City had to end.
She hosted an amazing 20 card swap
It was better than a sundae with a cherry on top!
We saw so many talented card making gals
Now we have many more "sticky" pals!
Our TA Arielle was one of the best!
She always had a smile, we were so blest!
Next year when deciding which class to choose
I will pick the classes that are Sue's!

daffy said...

I loved your classes, you were so energenic and your classes were so much fun . I believe i was in all of your classes except for the Christmas one. I couldn't find a time that you taught it that would work with my schedual. I feel like I lerned a lot and I have already sent out two of the cards that i made in your 5 stept card class.

Something else that you did was you made me feel like I wasn't alone in fighting Ashama , you didn't hide that you had it and for the first time in a long time I didn't feel like I was the only one. (I know lots of people suffer from it but sometimes you just feel all alone fignting the battle) but you dealing with it the way you did really helped me. I get so frustrated with it when it acts up and keeps or makes it hard for me to do what i want to do. Seeing you fight thru it . reminded me that its worth the battle (Thankyou)
Carolyn h

Peggy said...

I think out of ALL the classes I took at CK . . . you were by far the best instructor!

I was a TA, for other classes too, and you got the students pepped up and inspired them to learn!

I absolutely LOVE my book, that I won! I should of had you autograph it for me! :o) I'll bring it to the next CK, so you can . . . okay?

Thank you, for being the BEST instructor at the CK Convention! Let me know when you're coming back through KC . . . we'll have to meet up for dinner!

Hope you had a safe trip home,

metwife said...

I have to say that you were my first instructor and my first class that I have ever taken at the CK Convention. I had so many different emotions going thru me that I honestly had no idea what to expect. Only what my sister had told me and her friends. I can honestly say that you made this convention alot of fun and I felt very comfortable during your class. I was so worried of not being able to keep up and if I was going to make a lot of mistakes, but over all I did pretty well. I think I surprise myself a little bit! The Christmas cards that we made were really neat. It gave me some great ideas and I am excited to make some more Christmas cards. You always had a smile on your face wherever we saw you and you alwys stopped to say Hi or just to see how things were going!!! You're one heck of an instructor!!! Thanks again and I love the magazine that I won in your class!! I was looking through it yesterday!!!! If you are ever in Kansas City, please call my sister Peggy (Maggie) so we can meet for some dinner or something!!! Your a GEM!!!!

Anita said...

This was my first CK Convention great way to spend a weekend! Sue you are a wonderful teacher-and Arielle a wonderful helper. I went right out and purchased a package of "vellum sayings" ("Hello card with circle punch in corner)- never could figure out how to make that "sandwich" thank you for solving the mystery for me! Also, the tri fold cards- great addition to my techniques. Plus a loser prize - what more could I ask for- oh my photo on your web site- my brush with fame!
Keep up the good work!

Kay Dreiling said...

I took 2 of your classes in Kansas City & they were both awesome. I cannot wait for next year. I was looking at your Christmas cards - is there a website to buy the packs? I am not close to any of your classes & would love to purchase them.

I took a total of 6 classes this year, & the w I took with you were by far the best. You have a special way of teaching that makes it fun as well as informational! Thanks again & I look forward to seeing you next year!


Anonymous said...

Today my friend, Kay, and I looked at the swap cards carefully for the first time. What a collection of ideas and expert work! Thanks for each one. I hope next year there will be more notes and names with the cards. I registered for 12 classes and only missed one- read the time carelessly. They were all good but your class, and the swap were my favorites of the whole weekend. Kay says we'll be back next year. I hope so.

JILL said...

I took one class from Sue and will make sure next year I take more. She is a extremely fun and awesome teacher.

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