Friday, October 30, 2009

Can I make 12 cards in less than an hour?

That was the question I asked myself as I drove home from a Dr. appt with my daughter on Wednesday morning.

Card group is usually the 4th Wednesday of the month, but we always get a bit confused on the months where there are 5 Wednesdays. So, it wasn't until Monday that I realized, "wow, I have to get my cards done!". And unfortunately, there literally wasn't a moment between that realization and the drive home to do them.

I do what I have learned to do when confronted with seemingly impossible tasks: I tried.

And as a Mom/multi-tasker/blogger I also decided to document the trying with my camera. Fortunately, I had all the bits & pieces cut for one my
Nifty Thrifty Christmas Card Class.
Here's how it went...

1. Gather supplies.
2. Fold card bases and adhere red base.
3. Cut printed image into tag share, adhere tag topped and punch hole.
4. Thread twine through buttons.
5. Thread ribbon through tag hole.
6. Tie buttons around ribbon to finish tag.
7. Apply foam squares (yes, they are tiny, ran out of big ones) to back of tag and adhere to front of card.
8. Take picture...done!

Now, before you think I may be the consumate, professional, never-make-a-mistake card maker, let me share the REST of the story.

I'm taking pictures of the cards and realized that I didn't apply the glitz (diamond glaze on the heart, sprinkle with glitter). So I do that. I'm thinking, yes, it will still dry in time.

Caught up in my optimism, no matter how poorly placed, I decide to add the glitter glue to all the dots on the antlers and noses. "Surely, those will dry too.". It's now 11:35am. I'm supposed to be at the restaurant at 11:45. I go get ready while they 'dry'.

2 minutes later (haha) they are NOT dry. So, I carefully overlap them on a cookie sheet, almost panic when I bring them to the car, because the wind is blowing, but manage to get them in the backseat, making mentals notes to, even though I'm late, NOT to break heavily or to take a turn too quickly.

I'm doing pretty good, when after (in my mind) gentle turn, I hear the whole pan slide across the seat! Now, ladies, this is how accidents happen. DO NOT DO THIS! They are, after all, just cards. Not worth my life, right? But nooooo, I pull over to the side of the road to make sure my babies are all safe and die a little when I see that not only are they still not dry, but the glitter glue is now smeared all over the place.

I take a deep breath, re-arrange the cards and drive on. A few minutes later I'm in the parking lot debating. Do I bring the cookie sheet with cards INTO the restaurant (Thanksgiving Point Harvest by the way, nice place, linen tableclothes, the whole caboodle)?

I decide I will look less foolish if I carry two cards, back-to-back between each of my fingers (think Edward Scissor hands). It didn't work. I didn't care. THIS is important!

Did it occur to me to leave them in the car to dry and get them later? Yes, it did. One, I really didn't want to brave the nasty cold, windy weather more than I had to. Two, I thought the group would most likely want to swap out while we were waiting for our food. See, I'm NOT entirely impulsive.

So, I find my group, with all my cards fanned out from my fingers, enjoy the smiles and smirks coming from all my friends, carefully place them down in a corner of the room and sit down.

Ahhhhh, such is life. Wouldn't it just be boring if we never tried to do impossible things?


CDMG said...

Absolutely wild! Glad you didn't wreck -- car or cards.

metwife said...

OMG Sue....Sounds a little or should I say WOW what a stressfull day. I would hate to take my blood pressure right now after reading your post. Shoot I feel like I can type a mile a minute or even run a mile!! LOL Your cards turned out so pretty even tho you went thru a huge ordeal to get them all made and even transported them in your car. I bet everyone LOVED them also!!! They turned out beautiful no matter what!!! It's all the effort and the love that you put into them.
I also wanted to say THANKS for the wonderful package that I received today in the mail!!! I love it and I can't wait to use it!!! I love Brown and Pink!!! WOOHOO
Have a great weekend and oh my the way....I hope you had a drink when you got to the restaurant when you arrived with your cards. I think I could use a drink myself!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Joanie said...

This sounds like me everytime I try to use stickels. They take hours and hours to dry.

kwgirl said...

HILARIOUS! I can just see it all happening right before my eyes, thanks for the laugh. And should have just left them in the car...not on the cookie sheet but on the floor, they won't move that way:)

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