Friday, October 16, 2009


Okay, one part of the Studio 5 sneak-peek has been pretty easy, but other...not so much. So here's a hint. Each segment has something very critical in common. Yeah. Paper and Food. In common. Really!

And yes, Heather, it is hard! The last few have been TOO easy! Feel free to re-guess with this hint!


metwife said...

Oh WOW...this is TOUGH!!!!! It has to be something with sugar and it being melted and does affects on about another AWESOME hint!!!!

Elaine said...

My guess today (we already got the creme brulee), is burnt sugar and/or something that dissolves or mixes with two 'ingredients'...I don't know...this IS hard!

Anonymous said...

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Anita said...

Fall themed menu – paper project using elements found in nature and cooking.
Top Left- Leaf with crystal accents
Top Right- Egg Custard
Bottom Right -Crème Brule w/whip cream
Bottom Left -Painted cheesecloth

*Sugar Crystallizes when melting – same effect done with leaf
*Cheesecloth is used in cooking – can be used in paper project
*Orange Ribbon matches color in Crème Brule
*Painted cheesecloth same color as whip cream
*The “stick” in the top right photo has the same line structure as the green ribbon in the paper project

J.Olsen said...

A trivet to put the hot Creme brule on? You used the cheesecloth to make the trivet????
This is hard!

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