Friday, January 29, 2010

Cricut Cake

Well ladies, I just had to share this exciting news with you!

Earlier last year I heard about cutting sugar paste with the Cricut machine. I filed that exciting piece of information away in my brain and pulled it right out last month when my daughter announced she was getting married in 2010.

I ordered Linda McClure's DVD just last week and watched it last night. I'm all jazzed up to try this and make my daughter's cake. Call me crazy!

Coincidentally I visited the website tonight for some unrelated information and low & behold, there it was. A scrumptious, Red, Cricut Cake Machine! I couldn't believe it...then again, I could. It's really brilliant. I simply cannot wait to start!

I will say, that in Linda's video (she came up with this whole idea), she uses her regular cricut machine with a deep blade and minor, but not necessary, changes to her machine.

But, I sure love the look of the Red Cricut Cake machine. Wouldn't that look perfect next to a brand new Red kitchen aid? Don't have either, but a girl can dream, can't she?

P.S. Watch the video. You'll drool. Well, if you're the type to like this kind of thing you'll drool.

P.S.S. Linda's video was well worth the investment in my opinion. It wasn't very professional, but the tips and information she gave more than made up for that.


Julie said...

I guess we haven't chatted in a while. I had NO IDEA!!! Really? To whom?

shortandsweet said...

Ok, I think that I would use one of these quite a bit. WOW!!!! And what a great ambition to make a wedding cake. My mom does that, but I am not sure that I could do it.

Ann Mitchell said...

I saw Savannah the other day. She told me Emma was getting married! Can't believe how fast they grow up!

Peggy said...

Who would have thunk, huh?! Now if it would just bake the cakes and place the fondant on there too . . . I'm set! :o) I know the mat looks different (in the video), but could you use the Cricut machine you already have?

Thanks for sharing!

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