Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Give-away?

Yes! I told you there were be another one, so here goes! Last chance to win...make sure to visit and leave a comment before tonight!

You'll need to scroll down a bit, as there are several give-aways today. Good luck!


Heather V. said...

Frustrating. Their website must be down. When I click on your link, I am only able to see the one card set of yours.

Susan Neal said...

Try it now Heather. It's working on this end. Sorry!

Jill said...

Just wanted to thank you. I won a set on the 1st giveaway @ W.C.S. It looks beautiful and I love that we can order them if we don't live close. Wish more instructors would do that.

Audrey39 said...

Had are great time these where the best cards i ever made looking forward to learning more.

SugahBabe said...

Sue. Just a quick note to tell you that my friend in SC passed away. I hope she was able to see the book you gave her. At least her daughter can work on it as the days as care-giving give way to remembering. Thank you again. Here is my family recipe. MULLIGAN STEW. Mike's grandma lived in a railroad car in Wyoming and fed the sheepherders who worked for her husband. This was an old standby recipe for her and enjoyed by at least two more generations. Although it was tweaked and modernized by my mother-in-law to make it the easiest recipe ever.

1 1 lb. thick cut round steak diced and browned so well that it almost looks too brown on the bottom of the pan. Do the same to

1 lb. thick cut ham steak, diced. All in same pan so that you get some really rich broth. Add i chopped onion, until tender. Then dump in the following cans of vegetables.

2 cans petite peas, with juice
2 cans white beans, with juice
2 cans green beans, with juice
2 cans tomatoes, with juice

Simmer until the flavors are all mixed. Yummy and hardy any time but especially in the cold months. said...

Sue is the best and by so accident I ran into here and now I make these great cards that she teaches three day out of the month and I just love here she is the very VERY BEST.

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