Friday, March 19, 2010

The List

There are few things more satisfying than crossing things off a list.
I've created such a life-changing list that it is now referred to in our home as "THE LIST". Yes, in capital letters.

Life-changing because so many of these items are things I've been meaning to do for, yes, I'm embarrassed to say, 2 years! I'm dreamy at the thought of how peaceful my sleep will be when every item is crossed off!

I have 6 weeks and yes, I realize it's an almost impossible goal to cross every item off of this list, but I'd be happy with 75%!
I'm sharing this personal list with you because, ONE, it's the reason I'm not teaching this month and I thought my students might appreciate knowing exactly why. TWO, it's highly motivational when you share your goals. I'll be posting a weekly LIST cross off and you can help me celebrate my progress! Maybe you can even join me!

So, as you can see, I've already crossed off two items. That doesn't seem like much over the course of a week, but believe me, that bathroom renovation just about did me in. And as silly as it seems, re-doing the arrangement on my table has just brightened my spirits! I've had the same drab colors on that table for years and it really needed a face-lift.
And guess what happened while I was writing this blog this morning? My Mom arrived! A little earlier than expected, but so happy to see her. That is one item on my list that I will not be so happy to cross off.
Happy day to you all!


Anonymous said...

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don't give up and also keep creating mainly because it just simply good worth to look through it.
excited to look at way more of your own articles, stunning day :)

Marie-Claire said...

Oh my, that is some list! I was tired just thinking of all the work each entails! What a great job on your bathroom! As for the table decorations, great!

Gingersnapped! said...

Sue, little things are not silly! Sometimes all it takes is just one little thing to brighten your whole day! Good luck with the list. With your good example now I need to make my own!

Sandi Bates said...

WOW ! I am on the list...I made the list!

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