Thursday, March 11, 2010

Studio 5: Aebleskivers & Vintage Game Party

March is one of those transition months. Winter lingers and spring teases us with occasional warm days and little bright spots of color in our garden.

We want to emerge from our hibernation, but it's still chilly, wet and muddy. Not exactly picnic weather. What we need is to get out, talk to people, have some fun, socialize…what we NEED is a party! But not just any party. Remember, we're sluggish from the winter. Sitting around chatting might end up in some snoozing.

A Vintage Game Board Party hits all the right notes. It's nostalgic, interactive and competitive. The idea, at its simplest, is inviting friends over with their oldest, most vintage games they own (or ones they can get their hands on), playing them and of course, eating.
I had so much fun creating these custom cards with Vintage Uncle Money Bucks! Don't forget to download them for free HERE to make paper crafting this party super quick & easy!

Please watch my Studio 5 segment to catch the vision, but also remember to visit the Studio 5 website for the complete article with photos and instructions.

Of course, you have to have something to eat, so why not try your hand at Aebleskivers! You will have to find a pan (cast iron preferred), but the recipes are inexpensive and easy to do. It's truly party food...everyone will gather around to watch your aebleskiver skills and argue over the best way to eat them.

Please visit the Studio 5 website to get the recipe, see step by step instructions and don't forget the online extra; Coconut and Almond Syrup recipes.

Sneak-peek results: Ok ladies, I agree...that was hard, but FUN! I love reading all your guesses. No one guessed vintage games which kind of surprised me because Password is an OLD game! Though I did love the passover guess!

I didn't want to give too much away and frankly wasn't sure how many of you have heard of aebleskivers before...but obviously KWgirl has! She guessed it right on, so she is our winner this month. Congrats and thanks ladies for playing my silly little game with me!

P.S. Endless thanks to Sharon, my friend and neighbor, for starting this wonderful tradition in our home by sharing Aebleskivers and butterscotch syrup with us all those many years ago!


kwgirl said...

I've only had the Aebleskivers one time and it was HEAVEN! I'm so glad you shared how to make them. I actually bought the pan but got terrified of how to cook them and turn them over! (Loved the grapefruit knife hint:)Looking forward to trying my hand at both the Aebleskivers and the caramel sauce...glad your neighbor shared this with you!

Anonymous said... It is a very good thing, scholastic waterworks junk nearby thru kansai

Christie said...

I thought those were aebleskivers!I did not guess that because no one else I know even knows what they are! I got my cast-iron aebleskiver pan from my mother-in-law when I was first married...a Lever Family tradition!

I am so excited to try the caramel sauce. It sounds so yummy!

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