Monday, May 17, 2010

All recuperated!

Just a quick post here...I was too busy to take pictures the night of the party (Steve's 50th birthday bash!), but I had a friend take some and when I get those I'll do a proper update.

I want to thank all my students for all their moral support, especially my Jordan Landing class, who were the lucky recipients of a slightly crazed Sue that night, as the party was the next day.

Ladies, I got home around 10pm, stayed up to 5am finishing up the DVD presentation, got up at 7am and started on the cake and then the food for the party. Made it to the comedy club around 6:30, got set up, HAD A BLAST (comedian was very funny!), got home around 11pm and crashed. I mean CRASHED. Actually, I think it was one long weekend of crashing. :)

So, so glad I did this though. It was really a special night to be with friends and family and share this milestone with them and Steve.

However, I hope he realizes it's going to 30 years before I do this again! Hah!

So far I don't have any great shots of the cake I labored over, but I'm hoping I can get some from family and friends who were taking pictures. But from this picture you can see it almost done.

I molded 'steve in full riding gear' that morning, took me an hour! Had no idea what I was doing, but figured it out eventually and was quite pleased with it in the end.

The cake really was a monstrosity! Hillarious!

Ok, that's it for now ladies. Thanks again and stay tuned for a Studio 5 sneak-peek


Rob'n'Mon said...

50, huh? I'd never believe it! How do people feel about him marrying someone half his age? ;o)

kwgirl said...

Such a FUN and Funny night (the comedian was hilarious:) Tons of fab food and great night meeting people I haven't seen in years. Sue, you did an AWESOME job, and I would have been shocked if you hadn't crashed!!!

Queen Bee said...

I am glad it all turned out so well. You never disappoint thats for sure!

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