Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm impressed and amused

Steve came to me early this week and said "I need to get a card for my Mom". I said "yup.". It was Mother's Day on Sunday, afterall.

A few minutes later he comes into my office and says "I think I'll make her a card". I said rather calmly, "good idea", but inside I was doing a little dance! My husband wants to MAKE a card! See how I've rubbed off on him :)

A little while later he comes back into my office with this lovely card. I read it. Sweet. Wow, I'm so impressed. It's so sweet and loving and sensitive. She'll love it.

And then I opened it.

Now, really. I debated on sharing this with y'all. This is most likely the MOST unattractive picture of my husband. In real life he is quite handsome, if not a little scruffy.

But it so clearly speaks to why I love him and why we're still happily married after 28 years.

He makes me laugh. And his Mom too, I'm sure.


shortandsweet said...

That is great! At least he made the card.

Queen Bee said...

He has a great sense of humor! I loved his card and his creativity. As a mom this would have made me laugh!

kwgirl said...

That has Steve written ALL over it.
I'm sure his mom LOVED IT!!!
(I know I would:)

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