Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Studio 5: Baklava, Better Bugs & the "Bomb"

Gee, not sure where to start! They sure kept me busy on Studio 5 yesterday. And as much as I loved preparing for and sharing my segments on Baklava and Things with Wings, I have to say the highlight was completing my Minute-to-win-it task in under 60 seconds and helping Leslie Cuppitt win a Cricut Cake Machine!

{notice Brooke isn't in this shot? This is where she just couldn't watch and walked away!}

I am SORE this morning! But can I just say, if you EVER get the opportunity to do something that scares you and might possibly embarrass you...DO IT. Wow, that was SO fun.
{I didn't plan on sharing a picture of my practicing, or I would have worn something besides sloppy sweats and fuzzy socks, but I just couldn't resist how excited I looked here!}

My sweet friend, Charisse kept me company that day, helped me carry things and took pictures as well. Loved having her with me and I love how absolutely BEAUTIFUL she looks next to my goofy face!
ok, let's go ahead and watch my 60 seconds of excitement!

And now, for of the story. Here are my two planned segments. First, let's make pastry! Greek pastry, no less. I needed to come up with a recipe with honey and frankly, I can't think of one recipe that uses more honey than Baklava.

I'm don't have a big sweet tooth, but it makes it all the more surprisingly how much I love this sticky sweet treat. It's so addictive and highly dangerous to have made as much of this as I have over the last few weeks as I tweaked my recipe.

Please visit the Studio 5 website for the complete article, step by step photos and of course, the recipe. Oh, and be sure to try adding chocolate chips, it is killer! Takes it to an all new sweet level

If you love paper crafting things with wings, then watch the video and read the
article to be inspired by some summertime projects and simple techniques to make 'better bugs'.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for my next Studio 5 segment on June 8th!

*Sneak-peek winner: Ok, I really need to make my sneak-peek easier as no one guessed it completely. I promise, next time will be better! In the meantime, I think Shelley came the closest. She's from Las Vegas and here's her
website if you'd like to get to know her better. Thanks for playing and try again everyone!


Queen Bee said...

You were fabulous! I am so happy you faced a fear and stared it down. You are my hero!

Sandi Bates said...

WOW! What my sister in law will do for fame!

Lael said...

YUM! I've been thinking about all things Turkish for the past few weeks since my parents are there. I've made five batches of Turkish Delight. I got it down on the third, and the last two were just for fun. I might try selling it at our Farmer's Market! I'm going to try that Baklava, I've never had it.

Shelley said...

Congrats on completing your challenge! And thanks for posting my web site!

Karen said...

WoW! You did rOcK + RoLL! I had the biggest grin on my face and had to lol when you finished with 1 second left. AwEsOmE! Way to go Sue!

Julie said...

You are my hero!! Way to go. :)

GCD Studios said...

Oh my word Sue...

Leslie Cuppett is my sister-in-law!!!
She told me about this and I was so excited for her. It's so fun that you helped her out.

She is so happy and already has the circut in her home. Thanks friend and great job with the fast hands! lol

~Heidi S

Leslie said...

My SIL told me about your blog and I just have to say thank you so much! I love the cricut. I am so grateful that you were willing to practice so that you were prepared to win me that machine. It was an intense minute and I was going CRAZY! I am still in shock that it came down to the last few seconds.
I will be sending you a dollar to re-pay you for the money you spent on crepe paper to practice on my behalf ;)
Leslie Cuppett (AKA WINNER!!!)

Lori Allred said...

Sue watching you do the Minute to Win It was soooooo fun!! I was totally yelling and cheering you on. You rock for doing that!! You are my hero!

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