Monday, May 17, 2010

Studio 5 Sneak-peek for May

It's that time again...I will be on Studio 5 tomorrow! Tuesday, May 17 at 11am on Channel 5 here in Salt Lake City. Got two exciting segments planned and I would LOVE it you could try and guess what they are...

Just leave a comment on this post with your guess and I'll pick a winner after the show (I tried to make is easy this time GUESS!)

Oh, and I'm not sure I want to share this with you. I'm quite prepared to be completely embarrassed...but Studio 5 has asked me to participate in their version of Minute to Win it. It'll be late in the show if you want to catch it.

Frankly, I'm terrified! My biggest worry is that I won't have the stamina to actually do it! I have very weak arms, carpal tunnel and all sorts of other arm issues. If I do make it through it I'm sure my arms will be useless for days. LOL

I have to unroll two 500 rolls of using only my hands and arms. If you'd like to see just what they are MAKING me do, watch here and here. Then pray for me :)


Queen Bee said...

I will be praying and this might be the time you say hmmmmm, I need help after all is said and done :) You go girl!!

kwgirl said...

Totally drawing a blank on this one other than it appears in the upper right corner to be working on cork.
Looking forward to watching Studio 5 tomorrow:)

Maria A said...

Maybe a cork spring themed bulletin board???

And a breakfast quiche?

Looks like fun, whatever it is!! :)

cindy said...

I'm drawing a blank, too! Looks like spring stuff...butterflies and flowers, but, hmmmmm not sure about the other. But, I'll watch and see! I'll cross my fingers that you you do a good job on the minute-to-win-it.

Shelley said...

I'm drawing a blank too, but I'll guess a muffin with a streusel topping and butterflies.

Jayna said...

It looks like a muffin with pistachio nuts on it, granola and spring-themed projects with different textures like fabric and cork.

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