Monday, July 12, 2010

Best word in any language!

Many of you know that I will be visiting my Austrian relatives this summer and that my plan was to re-create my May Class "Stationary Set", but in German.

Sounds easy, but was actually challenging for me, as I'm not fluent in German. After much consultation with my Mom and son, I am happy to report all is 'gut'!

This quote is by Goethe and is difficult to translate, but generally means it's noble and good to be kind and thankful. Works for me! My Mother helped me find this quote, thanks, Mom!

Of course, the other task was to find time to put 8 of these sets together, but amazingly, with having all the pieces already cut, I was able to get these done in about 8 hours, about 1 hour a set.

Remember that when you buy a Many Thanks Stationary Set Kit, it comes with digital extras in English, German, French, Spanish and Portugese! Just re-stocked them and you can order them here

Just my way of saying thank you to my family in Austria who always are so warm and hospitable and feed me really wonderful food!

The best word in the world, no matter what language, is "thanks".


Marianna said...

I could not look at this post without leaving some type of comment! Just awesome. No matter what language this project ROCKS!

Gingersnapped! said...

I love this kit!!! How wonderful you've translated this into so many languages!! Danke, gracias and merci!

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