Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's almost time...

Earlier this year, after my daughter got engaged and had decided on a late summer wedding, we started planning an invitation.

I was sorely tempted to design a completely graphic invitation, (just because I enjoy that process so much), but in the end we decided to go with a photo invite.

But how do you create the 'look' of a summer wedding in early spring? The trees are bare, the ground is soggy, the flowers barely starting to bloom.

Solution? The Salt Flats west of Salt Lake City.
The pictures were taken in mid-April and even though we do get some nice warm spring weather in Utah, we knew we could just have easily gotten a cold, rainy and windy day. Instead we got 80 degree weather, an almost cloudless blue sky and no wind. Perfect!

Summer dress, barefoot, balloons and what looks like a beach and there you go: Summer invites!

When we got to the rest stop along the I-80 (just shy of the Nevada border), we quickly realized we would have to wade through a few inches of water to get to dry land...or really, salt. So, off came the shoes, rolled up the pants and started wading. I quickly realized that looked pretty cool and so we took several pictures there and ended up using those for the invitation.
If you ever decide to do this, may I recommend you bring baby wipes to wipe all the white salt that dries on your skin? That and flip flops? Man, that salt is ROUGH on the feet...ouch!
The sun started setting and gave us a perfect silhouette opportunity.
Here's the other part of the invitation, simple and just how Emma wanted it.

We had such a great time that day with Emma & Christian...even Steve got into the romatic spirit of it all.

As a side note, the Salt Flats are used for land-speed records and the movie 'The
World's Fastest Indian' was filmed there. I highly recommend this movie, it's kind of quirky and really inspirational. And Anthony Hopkins stars in it, so what more can you ask?

We just finished her wedding and bridal photos at the Young Living Farms last week with all that beautiful lavendar. I'll be sure post many more pics after the wedding. Thanks to everyone's well wishes and concerns. Two more weeks! Yikes! Still have to make a cake! Will be sure to blog about that whether I succeed or it's a big flop!


Ann Mitchell said...

LOVE IT!!! I saw Shantel Carson's bridal pics that were done out there! Gorgeous! Cortney Mitchell did them! Cortney was married to a guy last month that I set her up with!

Marie-Claire said...

Those pictures are such a testament to creativity with flair! They are just stunning and the invites? Gorgeous!

Creative Mish said...

I love the pictures... Weddings are alot of work. My youngest daughter just got married in June... Best of luck...
OH! and I love that movie

Rob'n'Mon said...

You never cease to amaze me, Sue! FABULOUS pics!!! She's lucky to have such supportive parents...and such a talented mom!

Marianna said...

So fantastic! Love the whole look. And it's almost over!

kwgirl said...

I'm not sure how you were able to narrow it down to only 1 picture! They all look so nice...especially the one of Steve holding the balloons, what a great sport:)

Karen said...

Wow. Absolutely amazing. Is there anything you can't do?! I think not...

Daisymay said...

Just incase you need help on the cake (which you probably dont need help on) LeAnn Searles makes gorgeous wedding cakes.

wendy smedley said...

So exciting! can't wait to see cake photos

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow, Sue! Those pictures are beautiful! Congrats on the new son-in-law.

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