Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Studio 5: Creative Campfire Cooking II

Underneath the ruffles, jewelry and heels is a bit of tomboy. In fact, all the feminine finery is something I had to learn. Maybe it was tagging along with Dad and two older brothers, but I love to sleep in a tent, get my hands dirty, hook a worm, gut a fish and cook over a campfire.

Something else I've learned over the course of raising a family is that there is nothing like camping to strengthen the bonds of a loving family, yes, even between siblings! Your whole family is removed from all the comforts of home, technological distractions (try listing them right'll need a pen and paper, they're are so many these days!) and places to hide (their bedrooms).

Suddenly you are together. You have to do things together. Prepare food together, sleep together, do things together. It's SO awesome.

To this day, regardless of all the wonderful places I've travelled to in the world, my favorite, most relaxing thing to do is camp.

Even if you don't have the equipment (yet), start by heading to your local canyon, state park or even your backyard, build a fire and cook a meal. Hotdogs on a stick work, but if you really want to have some fun and get creative, watch the videos and read the articles (
Creative campfire cooking II and Cooking on a campfire.).

Here's the first segment in case you missed it. Enjoy!


Camping Easier said...

I love the idea of cooking inside of fruit, it really cuts the cleanup. You hit the nail on the head when you say the fire needs to be coals not a roaring fire. To many people try to cook on a blaze and the food either burns or dries out. Great ideas, thanks

kwgirl said...

I keep wondering where you get these creative ideas...a chocolate glazed donut in a banana over the coals?

Marie-Claire said...

I'm always amazed by just how you manage to keep the flow of your presentation going! There is never a dull, blank moment! I'm already amazed by your cooking skills and scrapbook/card making know how, but your TV persona... that's even more awesome to me!

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