Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Home Décor Hero

Most of you know my penchant for economizing. It's not that I'm cheap...really. I just hate wasting things. If there's a better way I want to know about it! So, you can imagine how excited I was when I spyed this brilliant re-purposing idea from Sande Kreiger, designer extraordinaire and sweet friend.

Sande is my home décor hero. She is really good at taking risks and putting her personality in her surroundings. This project is no exception; as much as I love the project, the story behind it is even better.

Part of my job with Studio 5 is passing along tidbits that I think people would like to know about. Clearly this fits the bill. You can hear about it on the Studio 5 video below.

You can also read Sande's original post on her blog.

Thanks for the inspiration Sande!


Anne said...

Great idea! I'd have to cut out my letters since I don't have nearly enough stickers.

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