Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Studio 5: Who me...outdoorsy?

Well, Brooke is right, I will completely take that as a compliment (watch video), but I'm sure a 'real' outdoorsy woman might take exception. I DO love the outdoors however, and basically am always UP for an adventure. Case in point below...

Many years ago, while living in Ontario, Canada, my Sister-in-law, Michelle, let me know about an opportunity to shoot, gut, pluck and cook a wild turkey. Well "Sure, why not, that sounds like fun" because basically most things I've never done before always sound like fun to me.

Interestingly enough the only unpleasant part of the whole *shi-bang* was plucking a warm body, but I suppose I could get used to it. Okay, I know some of you are squirming in your seats right now and wondering about this 'other' side to Madame crafty.

Not sure what it is, to be honest. I grew up in a big city (Montreal), but my Dad and two older brothers allowed me to tag along on their country adventures. There was no hunting, but lots of my Dad's version of camping; tarp over your head, salami and a hard roll. No kidding. (I've improved on that quite a bit since then.) And LOTS of fishing. I can bait a hook and gut a fish with the best of them!

It really wasn't until I had daughters of my own that I discovered my girlie-girl alter ego who now owns more than 2 pairs of shoes, has a jewelry collection and wears makeup. My Mother is so relieved. :)

I'd love to hear what makes YOU an 'outdoorsy' woman?


shortandsweet said...

You really are a versatile gal! I am not the "outdoorsy" girl, although I do like the campfire and getting up early in the morning for a nature walk. I don't, however, enjoy the bugs or sleeping on rocks.

Cheryl said...

We camped a lot in my family while I was growing up. And then I married a guy who likes to mountain man camp - more primitive then regular camping.

Linda V. said...

I am an "Outdoorsey Woman" in that the outdoors soothes my soul and calms me from the busy days. Our Mom taught my sister and I that the men go hunting and the women go shopping and to dinner and a movie!! Mom could cook wild meat so good.

Anne said...

Love the picture of the turkeys. I used to consider myself an outdoorsy type, but the kids have grown up, moved out, and we don't camp anymore. I do appreciate a good siesta in a lounge chair out in the woods, though!

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