Monday, October 18, 2010

My Quest for Peace & Quiet

Middle of October is Fall Break here in Utah.  School's out and the weather is glorious so we headed south to one of my favorite places, Goblin Valley, UT.

One of my top 5 Utah hikes is found here; Little Wild Horse Canyon, a super slotty canyon that never ceases to amaze me.

One day I'll share the other four!

So, my question is... does this amazing landscape look familiar?
Yup, that's Tim Allen in 1999's Galaxy Quest movie.  You can't imagine how much that movie got quoted over the last four days!

One of the best things about a trip to this part of Utah (and frankly MOST of Utah) is the complete lack of signal.  That's right; no tv, no computer, no email, no facebook, no blog, no phone.  Completely unplugged!  Not only that, but no paper, no stamps, no ink and no Cricut!

So, what does one do without all those things that make up such a big part of my everyday life?

Well, let me count the ways. 

Weight Lifting. 
Giving Orders. (not really, I actually have no idea what I'm doing here!)
Resting. (we all did this!  Savannah found a sweet spot in Goblin Valley).
Looked stunningly HOT. (some of in Steve, did this better than others.)
Made up a silly comic strip story about Angry Kitty (that's what we named this interesting HooDoo).  Savannah will illustrate, Steven will write it and I will cash the checks that come pouring in. :)
Enjoyed God's great beauty.

Everywhere we looked, everything we smelled and everything we touched was such a treasure. 

It's back to work now, but I know my quest for peace & quiet will last me a good four months.  Just in time for the snow to melt and another camp trip!

P.S.  Other movies filmed in this area of Utah include: City Slickers II, Mission Impossible II, Thelma & Louise, Star Trek and so many more!


Cheryl said...

Goblin Valley State Park is a great place - as are lots of other spots in Utah. I worked for Utah State Parks for several years and loved seeing parts of Utah I hadn't seen and I grew up here! Thanks for sharing!

mE said...

LOOOOVE love love love love Goblin Valley! Looks like you guys had some serious fun!

Never give up, never surrender!


kwgirl said...

STUNNING pictures! One of these days I'll actually get to SEE all the cool parks in Utah...when are you sharing the other 4 parks:)

Rachelle said...

Wow, that looks amazing! I'm from Idaho so I'm continually discovering Utah's fantastic places.
Cool to see you over at Tristi's today! :)

UtahJenny said...

One of my favorite places as well!!!

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