Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spoooooky Stuff!

Just a quick blog post here ladies, and actually, just a question!

What scares you in the kitchen?  Ingredients? Techniques?  Tools?

What scares you in the craft room?
Techniques?  Tools?  Products?

Leave your answer as a comment on this post, SURE appreciate your input! 


Anonymous said...

Techniques, both places.

shortandsweet said...

EVERYTHING scares me in the kitchen, but in the craft room I just wish I knew how all of my fun gadgets were supposed to work.

Ello said...

In the kitchen- spices! I don't know how to adequately spice foods and I don't know what spices work well with what.

In the craft room- Coming up with the original ideas. I work best by looking at something and then modifying it slightly to my tastes.

syrant said...

In the kitchen it is lack of time, or perhaps the time I am willing to expend. In the craft room it is trying to get organized!

kwgirl said...

In the kitchen, new tools or a 1st time recipe...scary!
In the craft room, I agree, I don't know how to use a number of my tools and coming up with creative idea's can be a brain stumper.

UtahJenny said...

For me, it is just learning something new. I have had my mom's old serger for 8 years, but I didn't learn how to use it until 2 years ago!!! Now, I can't sew without it. And I have a new sewing machine that does machine embroidery, and I have yet to learn how to use that part of the machine. (I've had the machine for almost 2 years now - yikes).

In the kitchen ... hmmmm - the dishes - they scare me A LOT!!!

And I love the toast photo!!!!

Anne said...

I think it would have to be technique in both kitchen and craft room.

John said...

What scares me the most is just entering my craft room, which some would call it my (rhymes with craft room).

John said...
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Vicki said...

In the kitchen, doing the dishes! I have 8 grown children and not one of them have learned to rinse their plates! LOL

In my craft room it's not being afraid to use/break it. My DH bought me a Bernina about 8 years ago and I have yet to use it a total of 5 hours. And my Cricuts (yes 's ) I am always scared I will break it and I don't want to loose them. So they sit very prettyly (?) on a shelf. LOL
Vicki R

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