Friday, October 22, 2010

"What Cancer Cannot do" JOURNEY album

Paper crafting, for the most part is a light-hearted hobby; Birthdays, Thank yous, holidays etc...  It can, however, play a more heartfelt role in the lives of our family & friends.

I got an email from a student this week asking if I knew of any inspirational quotes or poems for people who have cancer.  The first thing that came to my mind was a project I did for Paper Crafts Magazine many years ago.

The whole project was based around a rubber stamp with a poem/quote on what Cancer cannot do.  At the time I had a good friend who had just been diagnosed for the second time with Ovarian cancer and I was very tuned into how this sentiment might help.
Journaling can be a significant part in dealing with any of life's challenges, and cancer is no exception.  Creating a place to record your journey, treasuring the people who are helping you, remembering your day-to-day challenges while finding peace and hope can be very cathartic.

Maybe you know someone who could use a memento like this?  Maybe you need some pink supplies to create it?  I gathered a collection of pink paper crafting supplies (including ink, pins, brads, rub-ons, ribbon, stickers and brads) and would love to give them away to someone in need.

Please share why you'd like this collection of pink supplies and I'll pick a winner on Sunday night. 


Kathy said...

What a beautiful journal! I have a good friend (who is my age, under 40!) who just finished up her treatment for breast cancer. We are supporting her and "Team Pink Moose" for an upcoming Susan G Komen Race for the Cure walk. I would use these pink items to add to a journal/album for her. I plan to have it at the walk and have friends and family write little notes on tags to add to the album. Thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

I have too many friends who can use the pink supplies right now. One girlfriend was just diagnosed with breast cancer, another is undergoing radiation, and a third just found out that some of her cancer has spread to her lungs. I would love to use the supplies to make a gift of encouragement for each of them. Thanks for the chance to win.

Gingersnapped! said...

Sue, I lost my best friend to cancer just this past June. Before she died she gave her daughter a mini-album that she'd made of a trip we'd taken together in 2001 and asked her daughter to give it to me. It will always be a most treasured possession. When we create something special for someone special we give more than just a mere gift...we give of ourselves. I don't necessarily need more crafting supplies, but I do need to find more opportunities to use those supplies to bless the lives of others. Thank you for reminding me of that!


JAL said...

Sue, you always have the most creative ideas to help express hope in times that seem hopeless.

This month I spearheaded a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign at Petersen Medical where I work.

I designed pink t-shirts--on the front it says "Every 69 seconds a woman dies of breast cancer." On the back it says "Petersen Medical supports Breast Cancer Awareness".

We created baskets for our three big retail stores--in Orem, Roy, and St. George that contains self exam tags, bracelets, pens, breast cancer awareness pins, mints, and nail files. These baskets are at the checkout counter and the items are free to all customers.

And, we just donated $1,000 to, a fundraising group who is trying to help a family of five where the father, who just graduated from BYU, was diagnosed with stage III melanoma.

On a personal note, my dad died from colon cancer and one of our friends,who we have known for twenty years, was just told he had 3-4 weeks left to live. He has liver cancer.

I almost wish that the month of October was dedicated to Cancer Awareness of all kinds...

Anonymous said...

I have not done a heritage album yet but plan to start. I could use some of this paper etc for some pages for my mother. She died 25 years ago with breast cancer. By the way her name was Nedra, not a common name and I see that just above my post is gingersnapped-Nedra. Ronny J.

GeoGirl said...

Wow your timing is amazing! I am trying to help close friend of mine create something special for her mother who begins radiation next week. I am sure there are so many who could use the sentiment of your project, what a wonderful gift. Perhaps a class is in order, or even a class to go kit??? Your talent truly amazes me. Thx for sharing!

Kip said...

I don't need the supplies but just wanted to say that it is a wonderful thing for you to do! Loved your journal too!

kwgirl said...

I love the idea and agree that maybe October should be Cancer Awareness of ALL kinds. I think a "Pink" class would be AWESOME! Every May here in Salt Lake is Race for the Cure so maybe a class before then? I don't need the supplies either, thanks for the reminder that there is a lot we CAN do to help those with cancer stay positive:)

Kim said...

I love that I can use products I love that help such a wonderful cause. I am a cancer survivor as well as my son. I kept a great journal during his ordeal but I did not write much during mine since I was lucky and did not need chemo or radiation just surgery. It is always so much fun to read events and have fun stickers or things on the pages. I NEED these!!! Kim Chapmam

Shan said...

What a great service you give in helping others deal with difficulties and challenges though a "Journey Album". Our friend's daughter just finished her treatment for lymphoma.

She had to quit school in the middle of a semester to start her treatment. Her boyfriend proposed during her treatment and she is looking forward to the time she is better and able to get married and go back to school. She has dealt with all of the difficulties cancer patients have to go through - sickness, depression, uncertain future, loss of hair, etc. and has tried to have a positive outlook and bouy up others.

I think it would be great to be able to give her these supplies to help her journal her experience with cancer at such a young age. Journaling really can help people deal with difficult times.

bellameabhn said...

what a fabulous post, sue! the journal is absolutely lovely. i'm also stoked you're giving away a chance to win some pink supplies! i love that pink is the color of the breast cancer ribbon. it's my favorite color and i've personally been affected by breast cancer. i have a lump that they've been monitoring at the huntsman for so many years now as my mother got breast cancer in her early 30's. i'd love to win those pink supplies to create some fun pink projects to send my mother to remind her how awesome she is as a survivor. thanks for sharing such a lovely post. abrazos, bella

Anonymous said...

Hi there I would love these pink supplies to fish off the last touches on my moms scrapbook. Here dear friend Esther passed away of breast cancer after fighting for over 15 years. I have many pictures of her and Esther and want to include them in her book and the special ones of Esther all on her own pages. Esther may not be with us anymore but she is never forgotten. We continue to donate to the beast cancer foundations and participate in the breast cancer run/walk in our area.

Thank you,

wilonestar said...

Loved the sentiment on the journal. I have a sister who is battling a third type of cancer, now in her lungs. She loses a little more hope each time, but has done remarkedly well. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

shanay said...

I have had too many friends and family die from such a horrible disease. I know so many people right now that would love an album like this. I would be delighted to be able to make it for one of them. Its really a great idea. Thank you for sharing it...

maiahs_momma said...

Wow, gorgeous journal! I think I would love to use the pink supplies to help me with several "pink" projects I have on the go. I have my daughters scrapbook album that I am working on, but also my mom's good friend has cancer and is in hospital right now. I was thinking of making her something with uplifting quotes for her to read while she is in hospital.
Thanks for this chance :)!

Catherine L

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

FAB journal! Thanks for the great giveaway---I found out this summer that my good friend (only 25) had a double mastectomy and was going through kemo. She recently was excited about crafting...and we have spent lots of time hanging out in the studio! I think this would be great to share these with her:) Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Linda V. said...

I love all the pink "treasures". I think they would help make a great albumn about my mother and sister who both passsed away from cancer. Th ealbumn should be filled withall the happy memeries of all the good times in our life together.

stefeni said...

That is a beautiful journal you created. And that stamp is so powerful. Just last week, my boyfriend's family lost their best friend, Panda, an Australian Shepherd. She had a tumor on her heart. She was such a smart girl and I'm so glad I met her, even if it was just a few times. She could open doors and even pee on command. I have been wanting to make a scrapbook for his family so they can remember the good times. My dogs are my children and I'd do anything for them. I can only imagine what his family feeling.

mandi said...

Great album. I usually do scrapbook pages more masculine I think I could use some pink in my life to do pages about my mom and I.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who's journey with breast cancer has truly been an inspiration to those around her. When she found out she was in her mid 30s with 4 young children. Her mother had died a few years earlier from breast cancer. Of course she cried when she got news but after that she hit the cancer journey head on. She had a double mastectomy and started chemo during the holidays. She never let her spirits drop. She knew that the first two days of chemo she'd be in bed so she made the best of the remaining days focusing on her children and family. She talks with everyone about the importance of detecting early. She has been "clean" for two years. If I win I'll make her an album of all the times she supported others during her challenging time. She's my hero!!!

Carma Cooper Jones

Anonymous said...

My good friend has bone cancer and had a bone marrow transplant 2 years ago and will have to start chemo again soon.There is no cure for her cancer and she has only a few years. I'm just putting in a plug for her for your pink paper supplies. Thanks. Sandra

Anonymous said...

My interest in "pink" begins with my sister, Lani Skinner Houtz. October 26th would be her 51st birthday so she has been even more so on my mind this month. She fought cancer twice losing her battle in December 2001. She had more faith and courage to fight than any one I know. I imagine everyone says that about themselves or their loved one. She was my only sibling and left behind a husband, and four children--17-year-old son, 14-year-old daughter, 12-year-old daughter and 7-year-old daughter. She taught me about scrapbooking and the great way to express feelings and all interests. She called me in November 2001, wanting me to come to Colorado to help with the household details. I stayed with her for four weeks before her passing. What a privilege!

For your consideration.

Julie Newren

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this idea. I just recently learned that my sister has breast cancer. She will have surgery this Monday. I had not thought of a journal to give to her and especially one that was decorated with a poem of hope. Thank you again.

Paula Wade

Anonymous said...

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