Saturday, January 29, 2011

Life on Hold

Sometimes (and thankfully, rarely) a bomb gets dropped on your life.  "Bam!", everything you do that normally seems so important just disappears.  My sister's 3 1/2 year old son became critically ill between Christmas and the New Year. 

Burly, energetic and seemingly indestructable Benjamin was suddenly on death's door.  Having been through a similar experience with my youngest daughter many years ago, my heart & mind were living in Calgary and I just couldn't accomplish much at home, including keeping my blog up to date.

I solved this dilemma by just going there.  I know Angela & Perry appreciate my visit and help, but to be honest, there just wasn't a choice.  Sometimes, just doing something, anything, helps when you feel helpless.

The good news is Benjamin was moved out of ICU (after 3 weeks, 5 surgeries and many close calls) the day before I left.  He is recuperating but has a long road ahead of him and his family. 

For those of you who knew about this situation and shared your thoughts and prayers with our family, I want to thank you.  I believe there is something inherently and divinely powerful in that kind of connection, and it gave us all a measure of gratitude and peace.


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