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Studio 5 Trend alert: Cabochons!

**Added Note: Heartfelt Creations in Sandy, UT carries a good selection of the Prima Cabochons.
It was French day at Studio 5.  Amy Richardson did Macarons in the kitchen and I did crafty Cabochons!  It was fun to hear everyone trying to pronounce the words correctly.  What exactly IS a Cabochon?  You can watch the video segment or read on for a full explanation.

Today, on tv, I compared women to Magpies.  Ouch!  I may suffer for that...but truly, if it's small, shiny and detailed, it's almost irresistible!  The latest trend in design, whether it's scrapbooking, card making, jewelry, home decor or fashion is Cabochons and they are HOT! {see below for give-away!}
Before we take a product & project tour, let's define the word.


1. a precious stone of convex hemispherical or oval form, polished but not cut into facets.
2. an ornamental motif resembling this, either concave or convex and often surrounded by ornately carved leaf patterns, used on furniture of the 18th century.
1570–80; Middle French, equivalent to caboche head ( see cabbage )
Clou à tête décorative. - decorative head
It's important to understand what a Cabochon is because not every manufacturer will call it a cabochon.  Prima calls theirs Flower Sculptures, Making Memories call theirs Baubles, etc...

My definition?  Any small detailed decorative hard embellishment. 

{Reverie Collection from Making Memories}
They can be made of resin, metal, glass or other hard materials.  They are generally flat-bottomed to make it easier to adhere to projects.

Some manufacturers have made them into brads, but if not, they are light and easy to adhere with glue dots, E6000, super glue, hot glue etc...

Even though the domed glass cabochons have been around for a long time, the carved-looking resin flowers are a newer trend that many scrapbooking manufacturers are jumping on...happy for us!

Once you've collected these little treasures, you'll want ot start showing them off in all your crafting projects. 

Let's start with the most obvious and hair accessories.
It couldn't be easier or more fun!  There are so many inexpensive jewelry pieces at craft stores that require just a few simple steps before you're wearing your art.

What I liked best about this application is how I could customize my colors...IF you use glue dots.  That may not seem strong enough, but if you use them in strategic places, they are fine.  I wore those yellow rose cabochons all day (see video) on my earrings and necklace and they are still there.
Cabochons work well on all your home decor pieces and scrapbook pages.

Over all color and design is pleasing to the eye, but it's those little details that bring a person in close...the look lingers, trying to take it all in.

Because I didn't have a lot of time to design for this segment, I looked at projects I already had and almost all of them had a place for a cabochon or two.

I tried to experiment with these, even toyed with the idea of heating them up with a heat gun, but apart from drilling a hole in them or adding glitter, I felt they stood on their own.

Let's not forget my favorite craft...card making!

My students will recognize these cards from past classes...look how easy it was to add a little cabochon for a pop of color and dimension.

Would you like to try these out?  Well, if you watched the video segment you saw all the wonderful product I had on display.

I would love to put together a Cabochon play package together for one lucky's been far too long since I did a give-away.
Simply add yourself as a follower (top RH corner of page), if you haven't already and leave a comment below with some way to contact you or be sure to check back to see if you've won.  I'll pick a winner this Sunday.


Kim said...

Wow!! Am I really the first one to comment? I love your blog and keep checking it even when you don't post often! When I saw your segement on TV the other day, I couldn't wait to see what else you had to tell us on the blog! The cabochons are great!!!

Kim said...

Forgot to leave an address...
kimiluna at gmail dot com (I'm Kim from Centerville!!)

Stacy said...

Love these little things. Cabochons what a fun word to say! Would love to win some. Great segment on Studio 5. dolphenecho at msn dot com Thanks!

Natalie said...

ABSOLUTLY LOVE ...these cabochons. I called 4 stores trying to see who sold them. I would love to win some! What stores in northern utah sell them? Thanks

Kim said...

These are really cute. Loved the Studio 5 segment.

Lindsay said...

Love these! So pretty!!!

michelle's 10 things said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
michelle's 10 things said...

I finaly signed up to be a follower. It was about time. I would love to win some of these. Love. Love. Love.

shortandsweet said...

I saw your spot on Studio 5, so I knew what you were talking about! These cabochons look like loads of fun!

Queen Bee said...

I feel all fancy knowing the correct name for these cute cabochons. I could even hear your french accent when you said it on Studio Five. Loved the segment and I especially liked the glue dot hint (that is something I would do). beckydoxey@gmail.

nanavf said...

Believe it or not, I used to use something called a cabochon to crochet around to make matching buttons for hand-knitted sweaters. They were just round open plastic circles. I love these little cabochons and will be hoping to win some.

tfoley2 said...

Loved the segment!

Brockett's said...

I love cabochons!! I think it's funny they have such a fancy little name.

Anne said...

I love cabochons! Thanks for the chance to win some! You are THE greatest!

Shelley said...

Cute projects! I'll have to see if I can find some around here!

Sandi said...

So where can we find them? We have such limited access with the store closing around here. So cute.

LeAnn said...

Sue ... You always come up with the best ideas! I'm going to take my instructions from the past classes and make some more cards with these new Frenchie items!!

Kim said...

Oh, Sue - I love everything you do!
(Kim from Highland)

Brooks said...

Thank you for educating me on Cabochons! I liked your ideas, I'm going to make some hair clips for Liesel!

Shanna said...

Hi Sue! This is the first studio5 segment of yours that I have seen! I think these cabochons are so great! I would love to win some. sturnerm at hotmail dot com. This is Shanna that comes to the card classes with Amber btw!!

Lizzette said...

I love the projects!! very cute. Love your great ideas, thanks for sharing.

Charlene said...

This is quite unique several of us from the Clinton Roberts went to a scrap warehouse sale I bought several of what you showed from MM, not knowing what I would do with them.

Gwen said...

What a fun give away Sue, these little things are so cute. I love the blog you simply amaze me with all you do.

Jayna said...

Cute projects!

Shauna said...

I saw your spot on studio 5 and would so love to win some. Thanks!!!

kwgirl said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the segment on Studio 5. Cabochons remind me of antique flowers and yesteryear items.
Seriously love the name but the only way I can remember it is to say "cabbages" in my head...weird eh? I need to start looking around more when I visit the craft stores!

Rob'n'Mon said...

Hi Sue! Have you already chosen a winner? If you haven't, choose me! Let me know at ;)

Megan said...

Hey, cute cabbage girl. Yep, I'm calling you that now. Okay, maybe just this once, but still. ;)

I thought you might be interested in this fun DIY post. Made me think of you!

Megan said...

Or, perhaps it should be "cabbage kid." Yeah, I like that better. Q, the cabbage kid! ;)

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