Sunday, February 5, 2012

Studio 5: POP!

6 years ago, while I was working for Paper Crafts Magazine, I was asked to do segments for Studio 5; which at the time was a fairly new morning lifestyle show in Salt Lake City.

This was my first time doing television, and where I will admit to having butterflies that first day, they quickly dispersed (and never returned) in large part because of how good Brooke & Darin are at putting their contributors at ease.

2 years later, in 2009 after leaving Paper Crafts Magazine, I continued my relationship with Studio 5 and have worked with them ever since.

I often get asked what it's like to work for and with Studio 5 and their popular hosts.

It's such an easy question to answer because everything you see on TV is really what it's like.  Friendly, funny, helpful and they just never miss a beat and if they do it just becomes part of what makes this show so special.

Equally impressive are the producers of the show.  You do get to see them on occasion because that's how much they are invested in what they are sharing with you.

Stephanie with her 'best games' segments, Mindy with her current trends, Angie and her scarves and Michelle with all things beautifully crafted.

There are more of course, that you never see, but altogether they make something really special on television.  So special, in fact, that Studio 5 continues to be the #1 lifestyle show in Utah.

Even more impressive, is that it is #1 in the nation of locally produced lifestyle shows.

 So, you can imagine how excited I was to receive an invitation to a Studio 5 workshop this last week.  And they did not disappoint. 

We were led into a part of the studio, draped off, with the center of attention - a dessert bar, all in lemon lime colors and flavors.  I think we were all hesitant to take anything, it was that pretty.

Hard to describe everything, so click on the images to get a better view of all the little, amazing details that made us all feel very special.

At each seat was a little gift that we opened at the end which enclosed a large thumb tack.  We got to pop one balloon and win a prize.

It was great to listen to and 'see' the vision this organization has, which is to enrich the lives of their viewers.  They are passionate, energetic and very smart.

Lastly, it was just great to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones.  It's funny how we all knew each other from TV without ever having met.  It would be just like that if you met them too.

Hope you can join me in my daily viewing of this show.  I personally am always excited to see something 'pop' on Studio 5!

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