Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Computer: Sick or broken?

Sigh.  After 5 straight weeks of major life events, I was happily playing catch up this week and actually getting somewhere, computer broke.  We had a power outage (the City was working on the electric down the officially, it's their fault!) and it fried my external drive, where I store my life.  Seriously.  My whole life.
Work.  Personal.  Photos.  Finances.  the list just goes on and on.
Usually my techie hubby can fix my computer, but this time he just kept saying "honey, it doesn't look good".  My stomach was rolling.

We drove down to Best Buy and I plunked down 2 1/2 big ones to send it out for diagnostic testing and data retrieval.  I was pretty upset, but have since decided there is little point wasting precious emotional energy on something I'm not even sure about.  I'm cautiously optimistic that they will be able to life. :)

In the meantime, I only had to re-write my Studio 5 articles this morning. Fortunately the pictures were all still on my memory card.  Another fortunate is that I already uploaded all my Cricut Circle Magazine projects that were due this week.

I'm not on task to finish kitting my Domestic Bliss class and design my June class as well.  So, temporarily I'm ok without my drive, although it feels like someone has cut off my right hand!

My biggest concern right now is the delay this will cause for my 2012 Cruise class kits.  ALL that was on the drive.  I'm gulping as I type.  I should hear something next week, until then I won't start trying to recreate all those classes.  So, please be patient...I know many of you are anxious to get your hands on the cruise classes.  It will now be delayed.

So, word to the wise.
Back up your drives, either by cloud or mirror.
Buy a surge protector/battery back up.
(this would have saved my drive).

Take care, Sue


Gwen said...

Sue, I am so sorry! I would have a meltdown it that happened to me, and I don't have that much stuff on my computer. Good luck, see you next week.

Anne said...

Jan told me about your post and I had to come read it for myself. I am soooo sorry! I hope they can retrieve all your stuff. They can do some pretty amazing things, so we're keeping our fingers crossed! Hang in there. xo

mE said...

Oh Sue!!! That is not happy news. :( I am so sorry to hear this. I am hoping and praying and crossing all crossables for you to get some positive news from the Geeks.


Lionel Rollins said...

Hi Sue, how was your visit to the computer shop, were you able to retrieve your files? I hope the technicians were able to restore them. That also happened to me before, since then I make sure that I have a back-up of my files.

Benita Bolland said...

Those are good steps you took in handling the situation. It is best to personally inspect first what the problem is and if you can solve it on your own. And if you determined it is something beyond your capability, seek the advice of the professionals. After it’s solved, consider asking the professionals about what precautions should be done to prevent it from happening again. :)

Benita Bolland

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