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Studio 5: Mother's Day Gift Bag Purse

Lately I have been doing a lot of 'inspiration' type segments for Studio 5.  That's where I inundate you with lots of ideas.

I decided for May I needed to design a hands-on project especially for Studio 5 viewers. 

I wanted to create something special for Mother's day, but that could also be used for any occasion.  I wanted to create a purse! 

Not just any purse...I imagined it with pockets (because who doesn't love those) perfect for a host of gift cards.  I also wanted it to be almost life-size, something sturdy enough to actually hold something inside and dimensional and adorable so it could work as home decor as well.  Oh, and it had to be easy to make. :)

Well, that is a tall order and really...nothing makes me happier than coming up with something in my head and making it work!  And it did!
This paper crafted purse measures 8" x 8" x 3 1/2", has a generous compartment (perfect for something small and light; jewelry, scarf etc...) and most importantly, up to 6 pockets to fill with gift cards, tags and notes.

So, when you just don't know what to get for your Mother (or anyone else for that matter) you can fill the pockets with gift cards from her favorite shops, restaurants, spa and stores.  If that seems out of your budget, you can either share the pockets/gift cards with your siblings or tuck in just a few and use the other ones for a sentiment or note of appreciation.

Peruse your scrapbooking paper collection or your local scrapbooking store for the perfect pattern to reflect your Mom's taste.  The rest is quick & easy with 4 easy steps.
  1. Cut out paper pieces
  2. Sew on pockets
  3. Adhere & Assemble
  4. Details & Embellishments (the fun part!)
1.  Click here to download these free templates.  Print on plain white 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock.  Cut out.  Save these for future purses, because once you make one, you'll want to make more!

Cut 2 of the side and front panel and 1 of the pockets (these are opening so you can find the perfect design/pattern for the pockets).

Trace templates on your paper.

Also cut two 1" x 12" strips of cardstock for the handle.  Adhere them together, one of top of the other for a strong handle.

For this particular paper (for side panels), it was covered in glitter and I wasn't sure it would adhere very well, so I layered it on some plain cardstock.  If you're using non-glitter paper, just cut the whole thing with the template.

2.  Sew on pockets.  It you don't have a sewing machien, you could use a super strong, thin 1/8" adhesive like Wacky Tacky. 

Adhere matching pieces together.

Adhere & Assemble.  Cut 1" slit on either end of Side Panel piece. (this is for the handle.)    Adhere Velcro tabs.  I love these self-adhesive oval hook & Loop Tabs by Tombow, however, if this is hard to find, you'll find the same thing (different packaging) in the sewing department at Walmart.
You'll want the velcro tabs on each end, but one should be ont he back and one of the front.
Adhere side & front panels together, where both pieces intersect.

Attach Handle.
Place a 1/2" of adhesive right below the slit on the inside of the purse.  Insert handle and adhere over this adhesive.
Secure the handle with brads.  You can be creative with this.  The easiest way is just 2 brads through side panel & handle.

In this image you can see I used 4 brads.
Here you can see what the purse looks like when you put it together.
Once you've attached the handle, close the side panels with velcro strip and then the front panels with velcro strip.

All that is left is the fun details!
I love a big flower to really make the purse pop!  I found these at Hobby Lobby.  You'll want to look for something that lays fairly flat.
I took off the stem and the back plastic part so it laid flat.  All that was left was a stem stub.

I simply punched a 1/8" hole on the top right-hand corner of the front panel and pushed the stem through.  It held in place without adhesive.  You could create your own paper flowers, but these silk flowers make the whole project really quick.

I'm a big fan of My Mind's Eye Paper Collection.  Especially since each collection will also include matching buttons, ribbon, tags and beautiful illustrations which are perfect for the little details.

Lastly, because gift cards will likely clash with your colors on your purse, I lined the back of them with a matching cardstock.  Optionally, you could print out what the gift cards are for and adhere them to the top of the gift cards.

Once I made the first one, I wanted to make more.  You can see for the Black/Red Damask, I didn't include any gift cards, just a note card tucked into the pocket.  This one has my niece Leia written all over it, so I'll put it aside for her birthday in August.  Enjoy! 


M-C said...

Another awesome Sue project! I'm definitely going yo have to bookmark this one and make it! A detailed blog post like this takes a lot of time to put tower! Thanks for all the hard work, Sue!

M-C said...

Lol, seriously, I did type together not tower...

Jayna said...

Those purses are so cute!

Sam said...

That purse is great!I can't wait to get out to my room from and see what my creation will look like.

jdkggk said...

Hi there, I just found this today on pinterest and love this project. I just have one do you keep the sides from gapping open? mine are turning out just not right,lol. Thanks so much!

Susan Neal said...

Glad you like it jdkggk! Not entirely sure what you mean when you say the sides gap open? Can you see on my photos where there is a small gap between the side panels and the main/front panels? Is that what you mean? Please email me at and we can work it out! Thanks for visiting my blog, Sue

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