Friday, November 30, 2012

Studio 5: Neighbor gift for under a $1

I still remember moving to Utah 16 years ago and hearing about neighbor gifts. 

Is this unique to Utah, or do they do this in other states? Just curious? Well, I LOVED the idea! As a crafty gal it was heaven! But even if you aren't crafty, this project is easy, fun and memorable.

**update Oct/17: Because this post is so old, but many of you are finding it for the first time, please follow the link, but then scroll down to "Christmas & Thanksgiving 2012" on right-hand side, it will be the first file under that title.

Download my tag here and print on cardstock.  Trim closely, leaving extra at the top to punch a hole and tie ribbon through.

Purchase clear ornaments at your local craft store (I bought everything from Hobby Lobby and used a coupon on the ornaments). 

Fill ornament with approx. 4 Tbsp of sand using a funnel. (I used a combination of white and gold).  Sprinkle a bit of glitter on top.  Insert a few tiny shells and close the ornament with lid.  You might want to hot glue the lid on as the sand can make the ornament quite heavy.  Tie tag to lid with ribbon.  That's easy!

Many thanks to my friend, Heather as she gave me this ornament years ago.  It is hung on my tree every year and is a fond memory of the meaning of Christmas and of our friendship.



HR said...

Ahhh, thank you! It is also my personal favorite ornament. I may have to redo mine with actual shells from The Sea of cool is that!

CardsbyJo said...

Thank you so much for a great idea! I had been looking for the perfect gift to give the teachers at church and I believe I found it!

I appreciate all the inspiration you give and for you sharing your wonderful creative talent with all of us.

Jensamom23 said...

This is wonderful! Thank you!

Outspoken said...

LOVE this! Thank you for sharing :)

Outspoken said...

LOVE this! Thank you for sharing :)

Outspoken said...

LOVE this! Thank you for sharing :)

Leanne and Troy said...

where do you get the sand? -Leanne

Susan Neal said...

Hi Leanne, I got the sand at Hobby Lobby, but I think most big crafts stores would carry it. It was also right by the small seashells. Good luck! Sue

The Kinneards said...

How did you print on the tag? Did you use the cricut to cut it out or just by hand. These are gorgeous. Very excited to make them!

Susan Neal said...

I cut the tags with my trimmer, then cut the corners off with scissors. So glad you're all enjoying it!

julia massie said...

Is the download still available for the tag for this ornament? This ornament is amazing. What a wonderful idea, and my 4 year old could make these herself for her teachers!

Susan Neal said...

Yes, Julie. It is. there should be a link on the third paragraph of this post. it will read HERE in red. Follow that to find the download. Alternatively, you can email me (link on right-hand side of page, scroll down a bit) and I'll send it to you. Thanks, so glad you like it! Sue

Janet Smith said...

Thank you for this beautiful ornament. I love it. This will make a perfect gift for the young women that I have.

Jessica Stites said...

I am making this right now. But I am using undyed sand. You can get a 50 lb bag of play sand at home depot for about 5 bucks. The sand is wet though so you'll want to lay it out to dry naturally or bake it in your oven at 350 f until it's dry. I know that's a lot of sand, you can also dye it with Rit dye. I did that for my wedding. Kook air works too but the colors aren't as intense. You would bake it in the oven when done. Though this kind of sand is a coarse sand. So if you want something soft, pretty, and fluffy, spend the extra bucks. I don't like spending the extra though. And my left over sand goes on my lizards tank. So for me it's something I'm already using. Good luck.

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