Monday, November 17, 2014

Studio 5: Christmas Configurations Keepsake Houses

I got to do something I've been wanting to do for a few years now... play with Tim Holtz's Configuration boxes!

Now I get to share it with you here and on Studio 5.  And I'm doing something I've never done before, sharing a slideshow (go to PDF file tab) of the project.  There were just too many photos and information to put all in a blog post.  So, I hope you take a moment to download it here.

Create a one-of-a-kind Christmas Keepsake for your family using Tim Holtz's clever Configuration boxes and his collection of ideology bits & pieces to really make it come to life; mini Christmas trees, gorgeous metal embellishments and a working hanging lantern.

 If you can make a card or scrapbook your photos, you can make this.  You just need a hot glue gun and your favorite paper adhesive (mine is ATG).

This project can seem a bit difficult to create, so I broke it down into 5 easy steps.

1.  Collect your elements

2.  Figure your configurations

3.  Cover

4.  Adhere

5.  Fill & embellish

To make it even easier, I've kitted this project!  Yup, it's all in a box that you'll receive in the mail.  It will include everything you need to make this project except adhesive and a few other items.  Use the free download to create this keepsake in just a few hours! 

Sorry to say I am sold out of this kit.  You can just buy the Boxes however.  Email me if you're interested.  

1.  Collect your elements

Small items that can fit into boxes and/or photos that you want to use in your project.  You would be surprised how much you can find in your stash, but craft stores are great places to find tiny items to fit.

Found objects.

2.  Figure your configuration! 

Play around with the shapes until you like the shape and you have places for all your elements. 

Remove boxes to create more space for larger elements.

Turn a box around and use it as a secret hiding place for treats or photos. 

Move smaller boxes outside the main box to create a larger more interesting shaped house.

3.  Cover

BEFORE: Some pieces you will want to cover before you adhere everything together, like your rooftops. 

AFTER:  For the most part, to keep things easy & fast I do not cover everything.  The boxes have a nice neutral color and goes with most paper/colors.  I cover things I think will be noticeable, like the outside edges, rooftops and some of the inside of each box.

You can, however, cover it all!  Tim Holtz has some tissue tape that is great for covering up the edges.

Cover with  paper or fabric, old book paper or you can paint or ink it up or a combination of all of those styles.

I use double sided tape to adhere paper to my box, but you could use liquid glue as well.

4.  Adhere

Before you adhere all your boxes together, attach/adhere any pieces that might need to go on before, such as metal corners.

Adhere boxes/rooftops with a hot glue gun, hold in place until glue has cooled and is set.

5.  Fill & embellish

The best part!  Hot glue will make this part quick and easy. 

Tuck or hang items from each box. 

Layer pieces over the outside of several boxes for added interest.

It starts with the Configuration boxes, but from there, you can choose colors, paper, themes etc...  My family room downstairs is all white and metallics, so I made this photo focused house.  You can also search the internet, there are so many inspiring ideas!

More photos, More of everything on the download and save!

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