Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Studio 5: Junk Drawer Cards

Do you have a junk drawer?  I've asked a lot of people that question over the last few months as I've prepared for this segment.  I have yet to meet someone who does know, it's that place that catches all the odds and ends. 

Rubber bands, paper clips, pencils and pens, batteries (are they dead?), twisty ties (because you never know when you'll need those!), buttons, needles, toothpicks...oh my, the list just goes on and on.

Did you know that junk drawer is a treasure trove for your card making?  It can be with the help of some free downloads (click here) and very few supplies.

With school end and Father's day approaching, I've come up with a few for each, plus birthday and thank yous.

Let's talk paper clips...  who knew?  A whole world of DIY paper clip transformations!  I've shared two shapes that work well on a card.

How cute is this hanger!  Perfect for this Father's day card, but so many other applications.  I will be using this one again!

By clipping the heart behind something you get the shape without having to clip off the rest.

I have a hard time throwing empty pill bottles away, I always think I'll do something with them...tada...I did!  And you can too.  Don't have bottles, ask anyone over 50 :)

You can also tuck a rolled up message in the bottle.

Here's another candy that finds it's way into our junk drawer (my husband likes to bring these to church and share with the kids).

There's something great about a card that you can eat. :)

Little extra work on this one, but so simple.  Just cut a 1" strip of red paper and adhere to the card to create a cross.

Adhere circle to center.

Optionally you can attach twine around the circle and attach the "thanks" tag.

I really like this one...I like that cards that make me do something and who can resist making this one "snap"!

Extremely simple, but because you have tension when you stretch the elastic, I would adhere a few layers to the back of the patterned paper before you adhere to the folded card.  That way it won't start bending.

 Don't throw away that partial deck of cards (of course not...they're in your junk drawer!).

I've used this one for Father's day, but brainstorm and you'll find sentiments to go with all of them!

I scuffed up the front of the card with fine sandpaper, mounted it and foams squared everything on.

I like this one so much and I think I might just have a million buttons, I'm going to make a "Thanks Friend" card...will add that to the printables downloads right now!

Ok, couldn't stop...also did Thanks Honey (for husbands...this masculine buttons) and Thanks Mom, because who does more than a Mom?

This just makes me laugh and laugh, brings back TOO many memories.  Dad; slayer of spiders.

 Little paper crafting addition on this card; punch out a couple of small hearts and attach with brads.

If you only have longer pencils in your drawer, just break it in half and re-sharpen.  Adhere with a couple of glue dots or some hot glue.

Have fun creating this easy cards.  If you have any questions, please email me. 


Grandma Hooper said...

I have more than a junk drawer! I have a McGuyver ROOM! I am really going to need that stuff someday! Thanks for the validation!

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