Friday, October 30, 2015

Toilet paper roll Poinsettia

This is a follow-up tutorial from my September Studio 5 segment on paper roll crafting.  

Sometimes the ideas keep flowing after I'm done preparing for Studio 5, so I end up with a prototype.

I still haven't had time to visit this project again (That may have to be a December project for me!), because I wanted to cut my petals a little wider and also make the base larger, so keep those things in mind while re-creating it.

I still love this flower though.  It's such an impact piece.  It's hard to believe it's made from toilet paper rolls.  It's been adorning my office since September and while I was preparing my October Studio 5 segment on Clothes Pin Crafts, I was able to use.  I was making a card holder wreath and it needed something decorative.  It called to me... "use me Sue!" 

You'll need 10 toilet paper rolls, hot glue gun and something to place in the center (I used some glitter foam balls I found at Hobby Lobby).

Start by cutting a toilet paper roll in half lengthwise. 

You can use a pencil to mark the roll, or just eyeball it. 
Cut 4 petals from each roll.  You'll need 2 tolls per layer, and I creative 3 layers.

Starting from the top of the petal, cut down to base, leaving at least 1/4".  Repeat until you have 4 petals.  You'll have large spaces between leaves.  Fold/scrunch these spaces together until your petal piece curves slightly and petals fan out into a semi circle.  Hot glue where you've folded the base together.

Repeat with 4 more rolls, with leaves the same size, or a bit smaller.
Repeat with last 2 rolls, but make these 2/3 smaller. 

Take these outside and lay on some newsprint.  Spray paint 2 large petals gold (I only did one side).  Spray paint remaining petals red, then spray again lightly with some Gold Paint, focusing on the center.  This adds a nice shimmery effect.

Create base with last 2 toilet paper roll.  Cut rolls in half.  Cut a 3" and 3 1/2" circle.  Scrunch up the sides of the larger circle and glue to flat circle.  Hot glue the crunched up sides in as well.  This piece help to stabalize the flower.  The first one I made was too small, but I think a 3" piece will be perfect and still hidden by the petals.

Hot glue 2 matching Gold petals in center of base, repeat with the rest of the Red petals, layer by layer ending with the smallest petals.  Hot glue glitter balls in center.  Check to ensure petals are secure and not drooping.  If they are, add additional hot glue until stiff.  You could make a fuller poinsettia by adding another layer.

I've been wanting to update my Christmas this year.  I have silk poinsettia flowers that I've had for years, but they've run their course.  I want to make about 12 of these (I have a tall tree!) to replace them.  Will be sure to post pictures if I manage to accomplish this goal! 



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