Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Folding Sheets means NEW sheets

So, my flea for today is folding sheets. Aren't these beautiful? They are NOT mine. I pulled this image off google. This morning I had the dreaded task of folding my sheets for the first time in about 10 months.

Ah, now...don't fret. I have washed them many, many times in 10 months, I just keep putting them back on.

Story: My Sister-in-law bought me new sheets for Christmas last year. The most AMAZING sheets in the world. Warm, fuzzy, cocoon-like sheets. Seriously, these will change YOUR life! And they did. I ran back to Costco after I received these to get more, but they were all sold-out.

Now that it's getting cold again, they are BACK in stock!! YaHoo! I went to 2 different Costcos to get the size/color I needed for me and for gifts. So, despite having to FOLD annoyingly un-foldable bottom sheets, I am SO happy because now I have another set to switch off with.

And while I'm on the topic, I am just SO grateful for my bed and all it's warm fuzziness. I love to read historic novels (Lately, C.J. Samson) and can't help but think how uncomfortable it was so sleep back then. Straw mattresses, scratchy wool blankets, bed bugs a plenty, cold floors. I love my bed.


kwgirl said...

Ok I need way more information than you got them at Costco. What kind of sheets are they? How much do they cost? Why do you love them so much?
Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Julie Melvin said...

Me too. I work at Costco and I don't know what you are talking about!

Sue Neal said...

Okay! I'm SORRY! They're called BED AT HOME Sheet Set (ITM./ ART. 970114). They aren't a ton and they sell out quickly, so catch them while you can. They come in Queen & King. In Brown, White, Tan, Blue and Green). They are 100% micro polyester. Now before you FREAK, we have slept with these ALL year, including summer in UT! They are not too warm, just cozy. Okay? Do I get commission!? LOL

Megan said...

Ooohh...I love new sheets. You can bet I'll be making a trip to Costco soon. Thanks for the tip and the fun post!

Stan said...

I bought a set of these sheets. Then my dog sitter stayed at my place and he sleeps at the my bed. Anyway, he LOVED the sheets, so I gave him a set for being such a good dog sitter. Then he wanted some to give his boss (his day job)...then wanted another set. These sheets are like crack. I love them.

Now, Costco is sold out again. :(

Anita said...

I've had these sheets for 3 years and I love them. They are super warm!! Hot sometimes, and that is in the middle of the winter, in the North!

Susan Neal said...

Anita! It's always fun to get a comment on an older post. Can I tell you though. We got a king sized bed this past summer and as soon as the sheets were available in the fall I got them, but they aren't as good. THey still comfy, but they pill like crazy. Need to email Costco about that. Still love them though!

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