Thursday, October 15, 2009

Studio 5 Sneak-Peek!

I haven't done one of these in awhile...was sick with the flu for my September segment. Hope to fit that one in at a later date...but in the meantime, here is my October Sneak-Peek contest!

For those of you new to the blog, I do a sneak-peek every month and let you guess what two companion segments I'll be doing. I always do a cooking and a paper crafting segment. Just leave your guess as a comment and I'll pick a winner on Tuesday.

I'll be on Channel 5 at 11am on Tuesday, Oct. 20th! See you then (yes, I have special visual gifts!).

P.S. If you were with me at Kansas City CKC, don't forgot to read and enter my CKC give-away!


kwgirl said...

Hmm, hard one. Looks like Creme Brule and Autumn cards using textures.

Daisymay said...

Hey, that is my guess too. For sure it is using textures with food and decorating with paper.
Michelle Browning

shortandsweet said...

Saw Creme Brule at Tucanos tonight that looked like this...Yummy! And it looks like there may be some large dollop of whip cream? The paper crafting looks like frayed fabric and autumn leaves or leaf patterns for all of those fun fall crafts. Your clues are getting harder.

Elaine said...

Glad you are all better! This looks like creme brulee and canvas!?

daffy said...

Cream Brule and fall or autum cards using canvas
carolyn h

metwife said...

I will have to say that it's creme brule (which is my favorite dessert) with a dallop of creamy whip cream on top!!!! And the other is a fall paper with textures and some glitter around the edges but I am not for sure the picture that is brown...looks like a placemat with powered sugar all over it..HA HA HA
Theresa (

J.Olsen said...

Oh yeah, Creme Brule - my favourite!
Autumn cards, maybe using textured fabric? Modge Podge crossed my mind as well but that could be totally off!

Anonymous said...

Definately a Creme Burle...And some awesome Fall cards using canvas for tecture....Glad that you are feeling better. ~SHELBY~

Peggy said...

I think it has to do with a heat gun (embossing) and a blow torch (custard/Brule). Am I right?? Maybe?!

Anonymous said...

Looks like they all have some kind of covering with a pattern of some sorts in common with each other.

Kim said...

The top left pic is of a 'skeleton leaf", isn't it? And I think the two food pics are of creme brule. And the bottom left is a frayed fabric of some kind - again, a skeletonized item.

Kim said...

The brown pic is of a "skeleton leaf" and the other looks like some kind of frayed fabric, again a "skeletonized" thing. The food pics are of creme brule or creme caramel. Perhaps the overlying theme is something like "fall favorites"?

Kim said...

Oh!! I still don't have the hang of leaving comments, do I!?!

arielle said...

So I am thinking, its getting cold. And you are finding ways to stay warm, like using your heat gun to emboss pretty leaves and drinking warm frothy drinks and eating creme brulee. And the last pic, I am not sure about. It almost looks like you stamped with a piece of loose canvas on some acetate. Its pretty though!

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